The guys over at Rab are about to launch a new, four-part series featuring top Rab athletes sharing their personal journeys and talking about what drives them to the mountains, their motivations and what it means to their lives.

It's called the Commitment Series and it should be a fascinating, absorbing look into the world of dedicated, elite mountain athletes. Here's how Rab introduces it:

'For many people the mountains and an outdoor life are all encompassing, embracing training and ambition with community and culture. For some it’s about balancing work with play, or home life with a desire to explore the limits of what is possible both physically and mentally.

'A series of stories each offering a different perspective, the Commitment Series is a personal journey through the lives of some of our core athletes, exploring the motivations and consequences of their dedication to the mountains and their chosen discipline.

'We explore what it means to commit to something that is so absorbing it transforms your life, and how that level of commitment is dealt with by those for whom it means so much.'

Coming soon

Good huh? The first of the series features top mountaineer Libby Peters and is due out in a couple of weeks time. Other athletes set to feature are 'Wide Boy' Tom Randall, Greg Boswell and Mel Bermier.

You can see the full run-down at

But don't take our - or their - word for it, check out the preview video for a taste of what's coming.