Just out is episode one of Rab's new Commitment Series of videos following the lives and passions of some of the brand's top athletes and it's a stunner.

The first episode of the series, 'Devotion' (above) focuses on Rab athlete Libby Peters - one of the UK's most respected climbers, with years of experience taking in expeditions, instructing, coaching and guiding around the world.

It's a thoughtful, touching and beguilingly beautiful short film that draws you in, as Libby eloquently explains how - unintentionally - climbing has completely shaped her life.

Whether it's her relationship with her two daughters, Ruby and Zoe - 'that they both love climbing is a miracle' she says - or the process of focusing her mind and 'emptying it of clutter', Libby's whole existence revolves around climbing and the outdoors.

'I didn't set out to be committed to climbing, no-one does. But looking back on the last 30 years, I realise it's turned out that way. I feel incredibly lucky to have found my thing'

Alongside the engaging narration, there are some fantastic shots of Snowdonia's mountains - 'small scale but big character' - and more than a few of Libby in silky-smooth, practiced action on the crags. And all backed up with a mellow, atmospheric soundtrack.

Great start to the series, we're looking forward to the next episode already... Watch this space.

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