Rab has just released the second in its new Commitment series of videos and like the first episode featuring Libby Peters, its a riveting, thoughtful profile of one of the brand's sponsored athletes, in this case 'wide boy' Tom Randall.

Aptly titled 'Obsession' the film tells in Randall's own words how he swapped his dysfunctional life as a trader in the City of London for an existence focussed on climbing in the Peak District and beyond.

“In all truth, my climbing sits at this slightly higher level in terms of the burning desire of what happens when I get up in the morning. I constantly feel guilty about it. But I do recognise who and what I am."

It's an honest, blisteringly self-aware account of how he changed his life to accommodate his unusual, obsessive personality traits and what climbing means to him and those around him.

We could rabbit on, but honestly, just watch the film. Enjoy. And, if you're anything like us, some of it might just sound a little familiar.

More about it at  rab.equipment/basecamp/periodicals/commitment/tom-randall-obsession/