'Limited carrying capacity, but the insulated bottles are a neat way of staying hydrated on short to medium-length runs'

Outdoors Magic: Comfortable, 600ml of water, useful extra storage and gel loops, insulated bottles for extreme cold or heat.

Outdoors Tragic: Expensive, not much storage capacity.

Outdoors Grabbit? Yes, for hot, short to medium runs on days when you don't need to carry much except for water, maybe a phone and some gels. The bottle holsters work well on the move so there no messing about, just draw and drink.

Full Specification

Lightweight hydration trail belt / twin 300ml Fire and Ice reflective and insulated flasks / Speed Fit holsters / soft monofilament belt with stretch / front stash pocket and 'large' zipped compartment.

Full Review Below

Nathan Trail Mix Plus - The Tech

It's small and light and surprisingly clever. The belt is soft and stretchy, but not too stretchy and it houses two Speed Fit rigid plastic holsters to hold the twin bottles supplied securely.

The bottles are interesting too. The print on the outside is reflective for safety and they're lightly insulated to keep stuff warm or cool depending on your needs. Other stuff? There's a small zipped pouch and a couple of shock-corded loops that'll securely hold a gel or a bar for easy access on the move.

Nathan Trail Mix Plus - Performance

First impressions were that the Trail Mix Plus had shrunk in the wash. That pouch will just about hold a smartphone a bar and a lightweight windproof, but not much else. To be fair, you can also stow a couple of gels using shock-corded loops to the sides.

The smaller than average bottles hold 300ml each in insulated splendour. In use though, the comfortable stretch belt and relatively light weight makes it unobtrusive. The plastic holsters are completely secure, even off road, , but super easy to use on the run.

You can simply pull one out, take a swig, then replace. No faffing or messing. The gel holders are similarly secure and we never lost one... The limited capacity means it's best for short to medium runs when you don't need to carry much, but want to stay hydrated.

Nathan Trail Mix Plus - Verdict

A really handy and unobtrusive way of carrying some crucial fluid on short to short-medium runs. There's just enough storage for some essentials along with 600mm of lightly insulated fluid.

The bottles are secure and super easy to use on the move as well and the ergonomic shaping seems to work, we never had issues with discomfort or chafing. Think smart by hydrating before you head out as well and it's good for up to a couple of hours or so.

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Nathan Trail Mix Plus Hydration Belt (Insulated)