Komperdell was founded in Vienna, in 1922. Back then the company made hiking and walking poles, and (oddly enough) billiards cues made of hazelnut wood. Pretty soon however, this Austrian company were developing world-leading ski poles and by 1928 the business had over fifty employees. Now as stylish as retro walking poles made of hazelnut wood undoubtedly are, we’re happy to report Komperdell have moved with the times and now use new better-for-purpose materials such as aluminium, Titanal.HF, and a tough lightweight carbon in their building processes.

As a brand, Komperdell are consistently associated with excellence. Whether it’s Toni Sailer, also known as “the black Blitz from Kitz", winning three gold medals at the 1956 Winter Olympics with Komperdell ski poles or Austrian alpine legend Franz Kammer winning gold in Downhill Racing at the 1976 Olympics with, you guessed it, Komperdell ski poles… this is a company that knows what winning feels like. This taste for success seeps into their full range of outdoor products, and is evident in the Explorer Contour Power Lock trekking pole.

“Komperdell have taken things to a whole new level with this model thanks to the introduction of the Powerlock 3.0 mechanism."

Not one to rest on their laurels, Komperdell have taken things to a whole new level with this model thanks to the introduction of the Powerlock 3.0 mechanism. The Powerlock 3.0, which is something the company’s development department have clearly gone to town on, has a new a flap mechanism forged of high-density anodized aluminium. It’s slimmer than previous editions and, quite frankly, looks better. The weight and holding power has also been significantly improved.

The pole packs down to a delightfully portable 66 cm, meaning you really can take it anywhere, and can be adjusted between 105 cm and 140 cm when it’s in user mode. The Expedition Contour grip on this thing has been designed to optimise comfort over large distances and long periods of time, keeping your hands callus and blister free. The padded straps are another nice feature, demonstrating a thoughtful approach to product design.


Whether you’re out walking in spring, summer, autumn, or winter, the Explorer Contour Power Lock is a robust trekking pole that offers superb levels of stability. With these in your hands you can step out your door with confidence, safe in the knowledge that these trekking poles have got your back when the paths get craggy.

A quick mention must also go to Komperdell’s excellent three year repair service. It’s a no questions asked, no receipt necessary, repair offering that comes as standard with all of the company’s telescopic poles. There’s no hidden costs, and the service is quick and free. Another fine illustration of this authentic and historic outdoor brand’s willingness to keep delivering excellence time and time again.

Komperdell Explorer Contour Power Lock Walking Poles