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Best Two Person Tents For Backpacking 2021

There's nothing better than sharing some quality mountain time with a friend, here's our selection of the best two person tents for hiking

Tents come in many different shapes and sizes, but we reckon the most useful type to have in your gear cupboard and the one you’ll undoubtedly use most, is a two-person tent (or a two-man tent). After all, there are few better outdoor experiences than being pitched up under the stars, protected from the elements after a big day in the mountains and looking forward to another big one come the following day, while being comfortably ensconced in your very own home from home.

The best two person tents for backpacking should meet a tricky set of demands: they need to provide enough space to be comfortable for two while also protecting you from rain, wind, hail, snow and anything else the mountains can conceivably throw at you. On top of that, ideally they should also be lightweight, packable, low cost and quick to pitch.

Yes, these tents are inevitably going to be heavier than the tents we featured in our Best Solo Tents For Backpacking test, but as these backpacking tents are designed to accommodate two people, you’ll be able to split many of the components between yourself and your partner in an effort to evenly distribute weight. Many of these tents can be split up into four different components; outer (fly), inner, pegs and poles.

Tent Buyer’s Guide | How To Choose The Best Tent For Backpacking

That said, there’s also nothing better than having a two person tent all to yourself for maximum comfort in the hills and mountains (as long as you’ve also got your sleeping bag and sleeping mat setup squared away). Those of us who are taller than average will infinitely prefer the space offered in these tents, compared to the much smaller footprints typically found in ultra lightweight solo tents.

The Best Two Person Tents For Backpacking

We’ve put a range of two-person tents to the test and the below came out on top. Some of the tents featured are also found within our Outdoor 100 2020/21 and the Outdoor 100 2019. In these guides, you’ll be able check out a more in depth review of each shelter, including testers’ verdicts and industry trade secrets.

  • MSR Hubba Hubba NX – Best Two Person Tent
  • Sierra Designs Meteor 3000
  • Snugpak Journey Duo – Best Value Two Person Tent
  • Heimplanet Fistral 2P
  • Nigor Didis 2 – Best Four Season Tent
  • Nemo Hornet 2P
  • Terra Nova Laser Compact 2
  • Snow Peak Fal Pro Air 2
  • Robens Goldcrest 2
  • Lightwave Sigma S20
  • Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2
  • Vango Banshee Pro 200
  • Nordisk Telemark 2 LW


BEST BUY: MSR Hubba Hubba NX

Photo: Chris Johnson

Weight: 1,702g
Price: £445
Best for: Three-season backpacking, bikepacking and cycle touring
Key attributes: High spec materials, spacious and comfortable

‘Hubba Hubba’ – a quick Google search has enlightened us that this phrase means ‘an expression of excitement or approval’. That’s fitting, because this is a tent worthy of getting very excited about. MSR’s Hubba Hubba NX is a positively cavernous tent, with unparalleled liveability and an amazing amount of space. Where other tents can feel cramped and claustrophobic for two, the Hubba Hubba is roomy, spacious and comfortable. This is achieved through the very scientific sounding ‘optimised symmetrical geometry’, according to MSR – but, in layman’s terms, a skeletal pole, which the inner clips to tightly, creates near-vertical walls, maximum head room, superb width, and no excess fabric lulls. It works brilliantly, meaning there is ample space for two to lay out sleeping systems, organise kit, and chill out (including sitting or kneeling up), without getting in the way of each other.

There are numerous other great features too: pitching is intuitively easy and quick; twin D-shaped doors, each with a large porch, give each person their own entrance and space for storing a backpack and boots; vents at each end of the tent provide good breathability and air-flow; the zips are very slick and don’t catch; the freestanding structure can easily be moved and angled for the perfect wild camp positioning; and, over numerous tests in pretty wild Scottish conditions, the Durashield-coated outer never touched the inner, keeping us dry and warm. We also loved the way that, on a sunny summer’s day, it’s actually possible to use the tent without the outer all together, enabling you to experience sleeping under the stars protected from midges and other creepy crawlies.

Of course, the Hubba Hubba NX isn’t without some faults. At 1,720g it is ever so slightly on the heavy side within its category; the three-season status means it isn’t as bombproof or as weatherproof as four-season alternatives; and the inner-first set-up is kind of annoying in the wind or rain. But nothing is ever perfect. All in all, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX is a top-notch, high-quality product which is about as homely as a tent can get, while still being light enough for backpacking. ‘Hubba Hubba’, indeed.

Full Specifications

Symmetrical geometry / single large easy-entry door / single porch / side entry zipper orientation / adjustable rainfly (roll-up vestibule & stargazer view) / high-tenacity nylon fabrics / compression stuff sack with pull handle.

Selected for the Outdoor 100 2019/20 – check out our full MSR Hubba Hubba NX review.

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Sierra Designs Meteor 3,000 2P

Credit: Chris Johnson

Weight: 2126g
Price: £290
Best for: Backpacking
Key attributes: Excellent space-to-weight, eco-friendly materials, good value.

This is the first tent from Sierra Designs that we’ve featured on our website and as you can tell from that ‘BEST BUY’ tag up above, we’re very, very impressed.

It’s the space-to-weight balance that Sierra Designs have struck that has us sold. You’ve got plenty of space for two people to sleep comfortably alongside each other, loads of headroom and then the two big porches on either side as well. And the total weight is just 2126g – not bad at all.

The Meteor 3,000 is actually a reworking of the popular Meteor 2 which has been on sale in the States for a while. Sierra Designs recognised that hikers in northern Europe want their tents to be super sturdy, reliable and very, very waterproof, so they beefed up the design to make it fit the bill. The 3,000 is actually a reference to the hydrostatic head of the flysheet which is 3,000mm compared to the 1,800mm fly on the Meteor 2.

Kudos to Sierra Designs for their eco efforts here as well. Out of all the tents in this best two-person tents round-up, this one is arugably the most eco-friendly. The materials, for instance, come from recycled sources and no eco-hazardous chemicals are present.

One other small detail we love is the fact that the flysheet can be rolled back across the roof of the tent quickly and easily if you ever want to stargaze or to simply just get extra airflow. Nice touch.

Full Specifications

Three-season / two-person / inner pitched first / height: 104cm, length 213cm / two porches / 10 pegs provided / two DAC Pressfit Aluminium Poles / fly: 68D 190T Poly Taffeta 3000mm PU / floor: 68D 190T Poly Taffeta 3000MM PU / 70% 15D Taffeta: 30% 15D No-See-Um mesh.

Read our full Sierra Designs Meteor 3000 review.

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Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2

Weight: 1400g
Price: £460
Best for: Three-season bikepacking, backpacking
Key attributes: Clever features, very spacious, high spec materials

We couldn’t be happier that U.S. based brand Big Agnes have started to bring their well thought-out and fully featured tents to our side of the pond. This, the Copper Spur HV UL2 is very similar to that of the MSR Hubba Hubba NX (reviewed  below) in that it’s inner pitched first yet can be used freestanding and without the fly when conditions are more favourable.

We do however slightly prefer this tent over the Hubba Hubba, due to its lighter weight (1560g) and the extra handy features it offers.

The Copper Spur has a decent-sized porch on either side and is certainly high enough to sit up in, yet it’s also still sturdy enough for any three-season use. An excellent quality of materials have been used alongside simple but effective design features – like the ‘Quick Stash’ door keeper, colour coded clips on the corners of the flysheet, and the hole at the bottom of the internal gear organising pocket that allows you to thread through the wire of a phone charger.

Full Specifications

Ripstop flysheet with 1200mm waterproof polyurethane coating / seams taped with waterproof, solvent-free polyurethane tape / single porch / single door / lightweight pole system / lightweight plastic clips attach tent body to pole frame / 4-way high volume hub pole design.

Selected for the Outdoor 100 2019/20 – check out our full Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 review.

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Nemo Hornet 2P

Price: £390
Weight: 1080
Best for: bikepacking, cycle touring, backpacking
Key attributes: Quality materials, well ventilated, clever design features

This is a great option for lightweight backpacking or bikepacking, offering a decent amount of room for two people plus their kit. Two-person tents that are pushing the sub-1kg barrier are usually short of headroom and lack two entrances and vestibules, but that’s certainly not the case here. 

The single forked pole design makes for an easy pitch, while Nemo’s own ‘Flybar’ extends headroom space by giving two additional attachment points for the inner thus widening the width of the roof. This simple freestanding design can either be pitched inner only, or with a lightweight flysheet.

The flysheet is 10D and PU and silicone coated nylon, with a large cutout at the head of the tent which keeps the overall weight down while increasing ventilation as well. The bathtub groundsheet reaches up high enough to protect the exposed section that this section creates.

To help to increase space inside the tent and to keep your feet away from any potential condensation, two carbon fibre struts are added into the corners of the inner at the bottom end. When pegged down these make a big difference. Further space inside the inner can be achieved by using two ‘volumising guyouts’ that sit on either side of the tent. These thin cords attach the inner to the fly, pulling the inner out, creating a little more width.

Full Specifications

Packed size 50 x 14 cm / peak height: 98cm / floor dimensions 215 x 130/108cm / vestibule area: 0.7 sq m + 0.7 sq m / three-season / DAC Featherlite Aluminium poles / 10D Sil/PeU Nylon ripstop fly 1200mm / 15D Sil/PeU Nylon Ripstop floor 1200mm / two doors / large vent / internal pockets.

Selected for our Outdoor 100 2020/21. Read our full Nemo Hornet 2P review.

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Photo: Chris Johnson

Lightwave Sigma S22

Weight: 1750g
Price: £649
Best for: backpacking
Key attributes: Clever single skin design that doesn’t suffer condensation build up

British company Lightwave say they’ve solved the dilemma of condensation build up in single skin tents. It’s a bold claim, so we thought it would be worthwhile to try their latest model… and we were impressed.

First introduced into Lightwave tents in 2016, the Sigma’s main talking point is its unique X-Tex fabric. It’s a waterproof ripstop nylon featuring an activated carbon layer that supposedly draws moisture from the air before spreading it out thinly over a large surface area and then transporting it through the flysheet and into the atmosphere.

Only the fourth or fifth tent in the Sigma collection, the Sigma S22 builds on the previous S20 with the addition of a second large porch.

Photo: Chris Johnson
Photo: Chris Johnson

This single skin tent has a freestanding design with two long poles (DAC 9.35mm featherlite) that cross and then a single small pole, aka ‘the brow pole’ (DAC 8.84mm) which props up the sides to add extra width. The two main poles slide through sleeves attached to the fly and the brow pole clips into two eyelets. Coupled with the multiple guy lines and pegging points, we feel that this freestanding design makes it sturdy enough for four-season use.

During our testing, it wasn’t just the condensation management that impressed us, we also liked this tent’s quick and easy pitching, its liveability and also its sturdiness.

Full Specifications

Single-wall construction / X-tex fabric manages condensation / single porch / single door / multiple guypoints / generous dimensions and internal volume / supplied with 8 lightning and 4 flash pegs / bathtub construction in flysheet / internal storage pockets.

Check out our Lightwave Sigma S22 review for more details about the tent’s innovative tech.
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Photo: Chris Johnson

Terra Nova Laser Compact 2

Weight: 1230g
Price: £500
Best for: Backpacking and fastpacking
Key attributes: Stealthy profile, high spec materials

Terra Nova’s new Laser Compact 2 is a tweaked version of its iconic, much-loved Laser Competition 2 tent. The changes? It has a smaller overall packed size, just 30cm in length (15cm shorter than the Competition 2), making it easier to stow away in your backpack. But that’s about it in terms of changes. ‘If ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ has been Terra Nova’s approach, you could say, and therefore it sticks to the tried and tested design of the Competition. This means the Compact has an excellent space-to-weight ratio, is super-lightweight at just 1,230g, and has a three-season rating that is sturdy enough for wind and rain except in the harshest of storms. And these attributes helped it claim the best tent gong at the Outdoor Industry Association Awards.

Photo: Chris Johnson
Photo: Chris Johnson

The Laser Compact 2’s simple but effective single-pole, hoop design, complemented by two tiny poles at each end, provides just enough space for two, especially when sleeping top-to-tail as recommended, while two doors provide access to porches for kit storage.

Sadly, it isn’t the roomiest of tents, and it can feel a little cramped inside for two, while the porches are pretty small too – one is just about big enough for packs, while the other can only really accommodate a pair of boots. But you can’t have it all at this weight bracket. And, despite being ultra-lightweight, the Laser Compact 2 is very sturdy and weatherproof. The flysheet is made from a 5000mm silicone-coated ripstop nylon while inside there’s a half mesh inner with an impressive 6000mm waterproof rating on the base – they both held up to a battering in the Highlands during our in-field tests.

Other positive features include: the simple set-up, which can be undertaken flysheet first or the whole thing as one; meshes and vents for air flow and to combat condensation; extremely durable Dyneema guylines; and an optional pole sleeve cover with extra guylines for additional stability in the worst of conditions. Our tests did, however, reveal some flaws in an otherwise excellent tent: we found the featherlight, technical fabrics to be quite ‘flappy’ in the wind; the zips were annoyingly prone to snagging on the zip shield; and, overall, we would have been more comfortable with some additional interior space and bigger porches. But that didn’t spoil our overall impression. The Terra Nova Compact 2 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lightweight, reliable tent for your backpacking adventures.

Full Specifications

Watershed Si2 5,000mm flysheet / single porch / single door  / 30x15cm packed size / 8.7mm DAC poles 10 x 11g alloy pegs / 5 minute pitch time.

Selected for the Outdoor 100 2019/20 – check out our full Terra Nova Laser Compact 2 review.

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Photo: Chris Johnson

Snugpak Journey Duo

Weight: 3200g
Price: £190
Best for: Backpacking
Key attributes: Good value, very sturdy

The Snugpak Journey Duo is a semi-geodesic tent that has an impressively durable build, but it’s on the heavier end of the scale at 3200g altogether.

The bulk of this weight comes from the rather heavy duty materials that Snugpak have chosen. We imagine they’ve deliberately foregone trying to keep the weight down to instead focus on robust protection, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – if you’re looking for a reliable basecamp tent, this would fit the bill. They’ve also kept the price low enough to make this appeal to a particular target market, which at a guess, we’d say is entry-level and/or award scheme hikers.

Photo: Chris Johnson
Photo: Chris Johnson

It’s another inner pitched first tent, which may put some people off and yes, it’s a little on the heavy side, but we thought this justified inclusion in our Outdoor 100 product guide on the basis of that excellent reliability and the great price.

Full Specifications

75D 4,000mm flysheet / 5,000mm groundsheet / 58cm x 17cm packed size / taped seams / two alloy poles / 18 pegs / single porch / single door.

Selected for the Outdoor 100 2019/20 – take a closer look at the Snugpak Journey Duo review.

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Photo: Chris Johnson

Heimplanet Fistral

Weight: 2,500g
Price: £449
Best for: Weekend camping and three-season bikepacking
Key attributes: Innovative, surprisingly sturdy and reliable, fun

At 2.5kg, the Fistral Classic is by no means a lightweight tent but it is still light enough and packable enough to carry in a backpack. It’d be great for weekend wild camps from spring through to autumn – especially if it’s split between two backpacks. It takes no time at all to inflate this and have a freestanding structure. We’d still recommend staking it in however, just as it makes sure the flysheet is nice and taut and the porch space is maximised. Once you’ve done that it’s remarkably sturdy.

As far as space goes, this thing is super, super roomy for a single person, with two vestibules on either side (each big enough for a large backpack and pair of boots), a spacious area to sleep in and plenty of head height so you can sit up comfortably. Our tallest tester, Jordan, who’s 191cm tall, found his head was just about touching the top mesh and said there was plenty of extra lengthways space when he was lying down. For two people, it’s a cosy fit but it’s certainly doable.

Full Specifications

40D 240T ripstop polyester 2,500mm flysheet / factory taped seams / Inflatable beams / inner tent height 112cm / pack size 34 x 20 x 20cm.

Selected for the Outdoor 100 2019/20 – check out our full Heimplanet Fistral Classic review.

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Photo: Chris Johnson

Robens Goldcrest 2

Weight: 1340g
Price: £500
Best for: Backpacking, bikepacking, cycle touring
Key attributes: Stealthy profile, spacious porches and sleeping area

The Robens Goldcrest 2 is part of a lightweight range for backpacking released by the Danish brand in 2018. It’s a kind-of mini tunnel design involving a flysheet that’s held up by one hooped pole and two mini corner poles at the back end, with a mesh inner clipped inside.

The Goldcrest 2, like all of Robens’ other tents, supposedly went through a rigorous testing process in its development to make sure it’s got the beans to cope with strong wind and heavy rainfall. The returned results showed that it’s capable of handling 140 km/h winds and 2000mm of rainfall per 1cm (squared) before the water begins to penetrate. In other words, it’s dependable.

We haven’t quite got out into conditions as stormy as that in this tent, but it’s certainly performed over some moderately wet and windy night for us, the key features here being its low profile and multiple pegging points.

At 1,340g it’s pretty light, especially given the amount of space inside it, and if you put the volume adjustment straps on the stuff sack to use, the final packed size is impressive.

Full Specifications

Hydrotex 2,000mm flysheet / Alloy Yunan 8.6 mm and Carbon 9.5 mm poles / single door / single porch / 48 x 12 cm packed weight  / 140km/h max and 120km/h average wind tunnel test.

Take a closer look with our full Robens Goldcrest 2 review.

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Photo: Chris Johnson

Nigor Didis 2

Weight: 2516g
Price: £587
Best for: Four-season camping, expeditions
Key attributes: Huge porch, sturdy build

The Nigor Didis 2 is labelled as a two-person tent but it has an extremely generous amount of space, perhaps just about enough for three people. First of all, the sleeping area is wide and long and has plenty of room to sit up in, and then there’s the huge porch as well. It’s so big you could probably squeeze a bike inside it – it’s basically a living room.

The lightweight flysheet is supported by three arcing poles of different lengths that run across the width of the tent and they’re each colour coded with the pole sleeves to save pitching headaches. The inner and the flysheet can be pitched all-in-one, or there’s potential to remove the inner and camp without it. This is where the full-length footprint that Nigor make would come in very handy – it needs to be purchased separately, however.

We’ve used this in some very wet and windy Welsh weather and it has performed admirably. It is slightly heavy for backpacking, but we imagine there’ll be plenty of people who’ll find that extra weight worth it for the spacious sleep. As a bikepacking or cycle touring tent it’s ideal.

Full Specifications

GorLyn 10 flysheet fabric / 40D nylon ripstop floor with a laminated TPU coating of 10,000mm / DAC poles made from aluminium / single porch / single door / ventilation on front and rear / fly first or all at once pitching 10 lightweight aluminium pegs.

Selected for the Outdoor 100 2018/19 – check out our full Nigor Didis 2 review.

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Photos: Chris Johnson

Snow Peak Fal Pro Air 2

Weight: 1,700g
Price: £535
Best for: Backpacking, bikepacking, cycle touring
Key attributes: Good headroom, freestanding, simple to set up

The Snow Peak Fal Pro Air 2 is a quick-to-set-up, two-person tent classified as four-season ready. As the price suggests, this isn’t a tent for a beginner wild camper. Instead it’s a high-end tent designed for the serious user looking for a tent capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions in tough environments. It might, therefore, be of interest to an ambitious Munro bagger or seasoned UK wild camper who is out camping in the fells come rain or shine.

The Fal Pro Air 2 has a dome-style design, with two poles crossing each other at the apex of the tent in an X-shape. This gives good headroom, creates an internal floor space of 210x130x100cm, and is very simple to set up. It is all-as-one pitching, meaning you don’t have to faff around with the flysheet and inner separately (though you can detach them if you need to).

The sleeping space is generous, though this tent doesn’t have the biggest of porches. There’s certainly enough room for two backpacks and two pairs of boots but that wouldn’t leave you with much space if you needed to cook from the porch in rainy conditions. However, it weighs 1.7kg, which is pretty good for a two-person tent. It also packs away pretty compactly, with the flysheet and inner stashing in a stuff sack sized 33x17cm and the poles fitting into a separate sack sized 50x11cm.

Full Specifications

20-denier ripstop silicon polyester, with a hydrostatic head rating of 1,500mm / double porch / twin door / pitches all-in-one construction.

Selected for the Outdoor 100 2020/21 – check out our full Snow Peak Fal Pro Air 2 review.

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Nordisk Telemark 2 LW

Price: £510
Weight: 950g
Best for: Three season fast packing, backpacking, bikepacking, cycle touring
Key attributes: Very lightweight, suitable as a one person but can cater for two

Danish firm Nordisk claim the Telemark 2 LW is ‘one of the most advanced tents in the world’. That’s a bold statement, but it’s easy to see where the confidence comes from. The Telemark 2 LW is, without doubt, a durable, top quality and ridiculously lightweight tent – and, consequently, its trophy cabinet is bulging with an impressive array of industry awards. If being ultra-lightweight is your number one priority, then this is the tent for you. At 950g, it’s difficult to beat – unless you opt for the Telemark 2 ULW, which is 70g lighter and £160 more expensive, courtesy of its carbon poles.

Like similar tents from rivals Terra Nova and Hilleberg, the Telemark 2 uses a well-established design known for providing space and stability at low weight, with a single hoop central pole with shorter poles at each end. Nordisk say this approach creates a ‘very spacious tent with room enough for two’. This is a slight exaggeration. The Telemark 2 LW does have a spacious interior for one person, but it is definitely a little cramped for two, with not much space for moving around or organising yourselves. Like the Terra Nova Compact 2, it is perhaps best regarded as a comfortable, spacious tent for a solo backpacker, or on the ‘cosy’ side of things for two. There is a decent sized, single porch, however, for kit and cooking.

Features we love about the Telemark 2 include: the four small corner poles which seem to provide greater structure and height to the tent at the foot and head ends (as opposed to using one single centred pole at the end like Terra Nova and Hilleberg); the ease of pitching; the toughness of the flysheet and inner, despite how thin and lightweight they are; its ability to stand up to adverse weather during our tests out in the Highlands; and the magnetic quick-snap door closure is neat. There is all the usual stuff too – adjustable guy ropes, mesh for breathability, and inner pockets for expedition ‘admin’.  We were somewhat nervy about threading the main pole through its sleeve, as it caught a few times and felt like you could rip the thin outer if you weren’t careful, but if you’re careful that shouldn’t be a problem. Nordisk’s Telemark 2 LW is a durable, weatherproof and incredibly lightweight two-person tent.

As of 2020, Nordisk now offer a version of this with a door on either side.

Full Specifications

Ripstop nylon flysheet with silicon coating (2000mm); ripstop nylon inner mesh (15d); ripstop nylon inner tent floor (8000mm)/ wind test: 18 m/s / 220 x 135 x 100 inner tent dimensions / pack size 12 x 41cm / 2mm Dyneema guy ropes / 8.7mm aluminium DAC Featherlite poles / 4 x aluminium pegs.

Read our Nordisk Telemark 2.2 LW review for our verdict on that.

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Vango Banshee Pro 200

Price: £150
Weight: 2390g
Best for: Three-season backpacking
Key attributes: Great value, sturdy

Ah, the Vango Banshee, a classic, extremely popular tent that seems to polarise opinion. Loved, even adored, by many; ridiculed by others, camping snobs who – from the porches of their £700 tents – label the Banshee a heavy, simplistic tent for beginners only. But we’d certainly side with the former camp.

The Vango Banshee Pro 200 is a great tent at an unbelievable price. For just £150 you get a Duke of Edinburgh approved two-person, tunnel-style tent, with decent space, durable and weatherproof materials, and a host of positive features. Yes, it is a starter tent for those on a budget or those just getting into camping, but its design, quality and build are more advanced than critics will lead you to believe.

The Vango Banshee Pro 200 consists of a robust flysheet, with a ripstop weave and a high-performing hydrostatic head waterproof rating of 5,000mm; a breathable polyester inner and a strong, thick and reliable 70-denier groundsheet; and pre-angled alloy poles that are both light and strong. Setting up the tent, either flysheet first or all as one, is very straightforward, by inserting two poles into sleeves and pegging out. There are two doors, one for each camper, as well as two porches, although one is smaller than the other. Inside space is a little limited, as with other tents on test here, so the Banshee should perhaps be considered a roomy one-person tent or a rather cosy one -person tent. Either way, the six inner pockets are handy for storing your essential items such as a headtorch and snacks, while the internal triangular mesh vents and semi-circle mesh window ensure adequate breathability.

During our tests the Banshee held up well to strong winds, helped by the presence of five guylines, and the durable flysheet safely kept out the rain. We found the side-loading, fast-pack tent bag really easy for packing, unlike others that are annoyingly small, and we also loved the flexibility of being able to separate the outer and inner after a rainy night, thus ensuring the inner stays dry.  Our only gripes were a feeling of being a little cramped inside, as well as the overall weight of the tent. But, that aside, the Banshee is a bona fide bargain, providing a robust, quality shelter for a fraction of the price of others on the market. It’s a classic, popular tent – and rightfully so.

Full Specifications

Inner dimensions: 115cm x 220cm x 100cm / Packed size 46cm x 16cm / Protex ripstop flysheet (5000mm); 70D groundsheet (6000mm); polyester mesh inner / Yunan Eco Alloy poles /  internal Tension Band System / twin flysheet doors / inner pockets / reflective guys.

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Written by: James Forrest, Nicola Hardy, Jordan Tiernan and Will Renwick

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