Sleeping wild doesn’t have to mean sleeping rough. We’re sure we’re not the only ones who find that when you reach the end of a long day on the hills there’s nothing better than finding a comfortable spot to set yourself up for the night.

This can be something as simple as finding a nice patch of grass from which to watch the sunset through the trees. But when you climb into your tent and the adventure is over for the day, you can’t beat a spot-on camping set up – and the Comfort Plus SI foam mat from Sea to Summit will give you exactly that.

The first thing worth noting about the Comfort Plus is that ‘SI’ at the end of the name. It stands for 'self-inflating' and it makes getting the mat ready at night incredibly simple.

“The Comfort Plus mat manages to utilise self-inflating technology without taking on the weight you might expect."

We actually find there tends to be a bit of scepticism around self-inflating mats with those who haven’t used them before (though this has been waning in recent years as they become more commonplace). The way to put that scepticism to bed though is really just to try the system out – any good outdoors shop will be happy to give you a demonstration and as soon as you see it in action you’ll realise just how effective and efficient self-inflation is, and how convenient the tech is come time to set up your sleeping gear.

The problem with self-inflating gear often comes in putting them away again, but Sea to Summit’s purpose-built multi-function valve twists mean you won’t be fighting against air when you pack the mat back up in the morning.

What’s impressive is that the Comfort Plus series manages to combine this self-inflating technology without taking on the weight you might expect. The regular option comes in at just 890 grams - much lighter than certain rivals - and the long option weighs 1150 grams.


Sea to Summit say that this weight bonus is down to their patent-pending Delta Core tech, “which removes the optimal amount of foam without sacrificing support or durability". Whatever the tech behind it, they’ve put together a product that’s one of the best in line.

The devil in the detail finalises your good night’s sleep – the 30D stretch knit fabric is soft against the skin and the foam core offers the comfort you’d expect. A great offering from Sea to Summit, and one that’s sure to keep you comfortable in the outdoors.

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus SI Mat