If you’ve not come across AKU before then get ready to remember the name. The company originated in a small Italian workshop over 30 years ago and specialise in high-quality trekking and outdoor footwear.

The AKU Alterra GTX is one such example. It’s a perfect boot for those looking to get out on a trek, tackle whatever comes their way and stay out in the wild for a while. While a light trainer can be best for shorter, more predictable ventures, you’re going to want the ankle-support of a proper hiking boot for longer treks, and the Alterra GTX offers that while remaining light and comfortable.

The boot was built with versatility in mind, and is designed for medium difficulty and duration trekking over mixed terrain. The AKU Elica tech in the outsole is asymmetrical, and has been specifically designed to ensure a strong load distribution over the soul of the foot and comfortable roll of the foot as well. Basically, it’ll keep you walking without foot-ache and allow you to take on more types of terrain with less effort - from trails to scrambling routes or whatever takes your fancy on the day.

"Despite being designed in sunny Italy, their footwear is more than up to handling even the most heinous British weather."

With the double density PU midsole you’ll get better abrasion resistance and protection as well - which means you’ll not only be comfier in the shoe, and it’ll last you longer than a lot of other options. The upper boot is made using elastic material for the tongue and collar - no gusset - to ensure even less irritation, and the lining fitted with Gore-Tex performance comfort will keep the water out.

AKU research, test and retest all of their products out in Montebelluna in Treviso, Italy and have found a global market for their boots in recent years as word of the quality of their products spread. Their heritage, hailing from a country famed for its fine leather products, has only helped.


Despite being designed in sunny Italy, their extensive testing means that their footwear is more than up to handling even the most heinous British weather. So whether you’re on a dry summer trail, braving the rains of spring or crunching winter frost beneath you, you’ll be trekking in comfort with these on your feet.

AKU Alterra GTX Walking Boot