Despite what you might have heard, the Scottish Highlands does occasionally get some sunlight in winter. Sure, it's not the Balearic Islands in August by any stretch of the imagination but there can be days when you'll get a whole lot of blue sky and sunshine. That's not to say the sunshine will keep you particularly warm but it'll be there, on full display and hitting your eyes at awkward angles due to the sun's relative lowness in the sky.

"Offering crystal clear vision and 100% UV protection, these shades get a big thumbs up from us..."

Over Christmas, I found myself on the endlessly breathtaking Isle of Skye. Like any outdoorsy type worth their salt, I couldn't go to this beautiful corner of the UK without getting the boots on and going for some walks.

On many of the days, the walks I did happened beneath predictably grey skies. On a few occasions however, the weather was an absolute delight.

Pictured: Smith Lowdown sunglasses with ChromaPop lenses

Armed with a pair of Smith Lowdown sunglasses, with ChromaPop™ lenses no less, I was well prepared for such occasions. According to the brand's promo spiel, the magic of ChromaPop™ is that it remedies your eye retina's natural problem when it comes to perceiving differences between blue/green and red/blue light. By filtering out these specific crossovers, Smith say the wearer can enjoy all the joys of "greater definition, natural colour, and clarity."

It sounds great, of course; the kind of wording you'd traditionally associate with the newest, and most up to date, in television technology. But, does it actually do what it says on the tin? Well, in a nutshell, yes. Yes, it does. Maybe it's just because my normal sunglasses are some super cheap ones I bought last-minute at an airport Boots, but the difference in visibility is notable right from the get-go.

Offering crystal clear vision and 100% UV protection, these shades get a big thumbs up from us. There might be cheaper alternatives on the market, but if you're looking to treat yourself in this area - you won't be disappointed. The sheer variety of frame and lens colours offered by Smith is another positive.

I look forward to wearing these in sunnier climes than Scotland in December, in 2018.

Smith Lowdown Sunglasses

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