Thermarest are the benchmark when it comes to inflatable camping mats. The outdoor specialists have been going since 1971, when they made the world’s first self-inflating air mattress, and they’ve remained at the forefront of the market ever since.

They work on the philosophy that your rest is meant to begin as soon as you get out the camping mat, and the Thermarest NeoAir All Season SV is a prime example of this. The mat takes the already well received NeoAir All Season and adds a Thermarest speed valve, for even quicker and simpler inflation.

“The rectangle not only makes it easier to balance your pillow but also offers much more versatility in sleeping positions."

Self-inflation tends to draw a few raised eyebrows from those who haven’t tried it before, but after you’ve tried it you’ll be hard-pressed to turn back. It’s genius technology that’s incredibly simple to use, and the All Season now inflates three-times quicker and deflates instantly on demand. When fully inflated, it offers 2.5 inches of stabilized support. Not too much. Not too little.

The All Season is not just the most resilient mattress in the NeoAir line up, it’s also the warmest and the most versatile. A polyester upper and nylon base ensures its durability, while maintaining the signature comfort of the brand. The mattress has been purpose-built to last with the serious adventurer or backpacker in mind. It’s ready to provide comfort 365 days a year and still have more to offer after; so whether you’re in the hills, at a festival or just waiting for a delayed flight at the airport, you’re in good hands.


The warmth in the mat is thanks to the ThermaCapture technology which reflects body heat back towards the sleeper, and the baffled construction.

The rectangular shape of the mat has been praised over the mummy-shaped mats of rival brands. The rectangle not only makes it easier to balance your pillow (should you have one) but also offers much more versatility in sleeping positions. Basically, you’re one step closer to an actual bed so it’s easier to sleep on your side on this mattress than it is on certain others. The whole thing only weighs 650g when packed down too, so it’s an easy one to slip in your bag. It’s a great option for any adventurer looking to grab one mat which will do them year-round.

Thermarest Neoair All Season SV Sleeping Mat