Sometimes, in the outdoors industry, an idea comes along that really makes you sit up and take notice. This portable wind turbine from Texenergy, dubbed the Infinite Air, is one such idea. Taking the notion of gaining power through windmills and shrinking that concept down to something that can fit in your backpack, this genuinely ingenious product gets the double thumbs up seal of approval from us.

And although we’ve only had a prototype to test for a few days (the product won’t be commercially available until June 2017) we were so excited by the potential that we decided we had to include it in the Summer Outdoor 100.

In wind speeds as light as 15mph, the Infinite Air will produce more than enough juice to power up your GoPro, your iPad, your iPhone, or your Nokia 3310 (other action cams, tablets, and phones are readily available). For reference, 15mph isn't hugely fast - enough to set the leaves a-rustlin' but not much more than that.

“Although we only had a prototype to test for a few days, this genuinely ingenious product gets the double thumbs up seal of approval from us."

The nifty gadget weighs just 430g and can be easily broken down for storage. The blades detach from the central spindle and the stand collapses so the whole package breaks down to around 20cm across - about the same size as a water bottle.

With the production models set to be priced at £98, the Infinite Air could be the ideal accompaniment to your next proper off-the-grid adventure. Worried about being away from a power socket for weeks at a time? Or that your portable power-bank simply won’t have enough beans to go the distance for the entirety of your expedition? Worry no longer. This renewable energy source is great for charging up your tech and great for the environment.

The Infinite Air broken down for transport. Three blades, the generator head and an adjustable tripod with a ball and socket head. Photo: Jon Doran

So how does it compare to the existing solutions on the market? Well, when you’re out and about in the less than favourable British weather, a portable wind turbine is far more likely to do the business for you than a portable solar panel.

Britain, if we’re being honest, gets about three sunny days a year whereas those strong breezes from the Atlantic rarely let up for a moment. It’s cheaper than our pick of the portable solar panels on the market, the Nomad 7+, too. Either way, we’re excited about the potential of this little gadget. Not least because it looks so cool - I mean who wouldn’t want a portable wind turbine outside their tent?

Texenergy Infinite Air Portable Wind Turbine