A good pair of sunglasses are indispensable when you’re outdoors. When you’re hiking or running in the sun the benefits are obvious. But a good pair of glasses can also prove useful when it’s grey and even when it’s raining. If you’re running or riding a mountain bike they provide essential protection from dirt, mud and other debris.

Of course, the nature of the day or your activity can require a particular kind of lens (mountain biking in the rain you probably want clear lenses for example) so you need a pair of sunglasses that can not only protect you, but that come with a range of lenses designed for a variety of purposes. You also need the frame and fit to be comfortable, because if you’re going to be wearing something on your face all day then even the slightest little annoyance might eventually drive you mad.

The Pivlock Overdrive from Smith Optics ticks all the boxes on this one. They’re one of the best pairs of sporting sunglasses on offer right now. If you’ve not come across Smith before, they manufacture a wide variety of glasses and goggles across the sporting spectrum - from ski goggles to fashionable shades for wearing round town.

“These sunglasses come with a patent-pending interchangeable lens system."

These sunglasses come with a patent-pending interchangeable lens system. You get two sets of performance proven optics included in every case, including Ignitor lenses for when it's a little bit more cloudy and Carbonic lenses for the sunshine featuring the TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) found in every pair of Smith Optics glasses.

The frame of the Pivlock Overdrive comes apart in quite a mechanical but simple manner to allow you to install your frame of choice depending on what kind of day you’re facing.


The lenses are some of the clearest you'll ever see through. When the water comes down it beads and gets off the lense quickly without leaving tracks thanks to the Hydroleophobic lens coating, and dirt marks or smudges from everyday wear are easily wiped off - something any regular wearer of glasses will tell you is not to be taken for granted.

A two-position adjustable nose pad and a frame ergonomically designed to fit with bike helmets and running hats keeps things comfortable and adds the cherry to the top of one of the best pairs of athletic sunglasses on the market right now.

Smith Optics Pivlock Overdrive Sunglasses