Not all outdoors enthusiasts like the feel a heavy boot suffocating your ankles, particularly in summer. Sometimes it’s nice to scramble in shoes or take on a via ferrata with a little more breathability and comfort in your footsteps.

Step up the Epic Lite OD shoe from Italian brand Scarpa. The OD in the name stands for OutDry, an innovative waterproofing technology that was developed by a group of fellow Italians called Nextec SRL, before being bought up by America’s Columbia Sportswear. Columbia now use it on products like their OutDry Extreme Eco Jacket and in their Montrail range of shoes, while brands like Scarpa use OutDry under license.

Where traditional waterproofing techniques typically feature a membrane seam-sealed to fabric, with OutDry the waterproof, breathable membrane is bonded directly to the external layer of the shoe or glove. Not only does this make it highly effective, it reduces weight and bulk.

“This is a winner for serious mountain enthusiasts who want a more breathable, comfortable option than a boot when they’re scrambling in summer."

Elsewhere the Scarpa Epic Lite OD walking features an upper of the shoe made with the Sock-Fit DVL system, which allows a snug fit. There’s also a system put in place especially to adapt to the tension in your heel, which ensures full protection for the heel of the foot. Likewise, a rubber toe-cap and side support guarantee that your feet are well armoured against rugged trails.

When we say that this shoe is resilient, we really mean it too. It’s a perfect option for those looking for a strong yet rugged option to take on via ferratas, while also maintaining all the desirable factors needed for a path or trail walking shoe. Specifically it’s lightweight - the shoe weighs in at only 405 grams.

Vibram provide the Etilas outsole, which offers a huge amount of grip and performing brilliantly on all kinds of terrain. You’re good to dig into everything from hard rock and dusty trails to wet ground and forest floors.


This is a winner for serious mountain enthusiasts who want a more breathable, comfortable option when they’re scrambling in summer. It’s got the strength and resilience needed to handle hard rock, the grip for all kinds of terrain and a comfort that you simply just can’t find in even top-end hiking boots.

If you like to air yourself out when you're travelling and stay fast, light and free on the trails, then the Scarpa Epic Lite OD is the one. Pick your pace, and the Epic Lite will match it.

Scarpa Epic Lite OD Walking Shoe