Have you ever tried to run/cycle/train in a cotton t-shirt? It doesn’t feel good. The cotton soaks up all of your sweat. It feels cold, heavy and restrictive. When it comes to high octane mountain activities, you need a t-shirt that is going to make you feel great on the move, like Salewa’s Pedroc Delta Dry t-shirt. It’s a breathable, quick-drying women’s t-shirt for speed hiking and mountain training.

Salewa have been making outdoor mountain gear since 1935. It started with backpacks, including one for Hermann Huber’s expedition to the Andes, before they launched crampons, tents and other items of clothing. Today they produce some of the world’s best mountain equipment.

The Pedroc Delta Dry t-shirt looks like a regular women’s t-shirt from the outside with a round neck and short sleeves. However, the brand new Polartec Delta fabric means it’s far from a normal t-shirt on the inside.

“The Pedroc Delta Dry t-shirt looks like a regular women’s t-shirt from the outside but it’s much more than that."

Polartec Delta is a cooling fabric that works like a radiator. It helps transfer heat from the body and manages sweat on the skin level. The hydrophilic yarns attract water - they are knitted into a radiator matrix to encourage natural cooling on the skin. These yarns absorb and distribute sweat across the fabric, stopping you from feeling the chill when you slow down after sweating.

The Pedroc Delta Dry offers maximum breathability and dries quickly, whether you are on the move or hanging your tee out to dry after a long sweaty run. The Pedroc doesn’t cling to your skin when wet either. It skims the surface like silk, thanks to four-way stretch in the fabric. The Pedroc Delta Dry has an athletic fit specifically designed for women with a drop hem at the back for extra coverage and raglan sleeves to avoid chafing on the seams.


Worried about the stench? Some synthetic t-shirts hold smells after you’ve been sweating in them, but not the Pedroc Delta Dry tee. It is finished off with Polygiene technology which stops the growth of microorganisms that cause odour. So you’ll smell fresh for longer.

Next time you are getting ready to go trail running or hiking at altitude, you’ll want to be wearing the Salewa Pedroc Delta Dry t-shirt. Say goodbye to days of heavy, sweaty cotton tees and float along the trail feeling cool and looking great.

Salewa Pedroc Delta Dry T-Shirt