Women move differently to men. It’s a fact. While we can accomplish exactly the same as men when it comes to climbing mountains or hiking long-distance trails, our anatomical make-up is unlike our male counterparts. The female frame is shaped differently to a man’s frame. We have wider hips, narrower heels and a lower instep height. As a result, we walk in a different way and feel pressure in different areas.

Merrell aren’t satisfied with just taking a men’s shoe, adding a few pink splashes of colour and hoping it works for women. They have put some serious thought into the biomechanics of their footwear.They carefully analysed the Q Angle (the angle just below the hips between the quadriceps and patellar tendon) on women compared to men and adjusted the Siren Sport Q2 shoes accordingly. The idea is that the shoes would create less pressure and therefore pain in a woman’s hips, knees and back.

“Women are shaped differently to men. As a result, we walk in a different way and feel pressure in different areas."

The Siren Sport Q2 are fast-paced walking shoes, designed with the female form in mind. Made with Q Form 2 technology, the Siren Sport shoes have a special midsole which gives specific cushioning for women’s feet. The heel, for example, has extra shock-absorbing padding and the midsole is firm and supportive, keeping your foot centred as you lift it. You’ll feel comfortable every step of the way in these hiking shoes.

They are made with a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane which not only keeps your feet bone dry but allows exceptional breathability when you’re sweating on the move. The upper part of the shoe is made from nubuck leather and mesh, while the outsole is constructed with Merell Select Grip. This means it has a strong aggressive tread that will grip well on all kinds of terrain, whether it’s dry or slippery from the rain.


Inside Merrell have lined the shoe with antimicrobial agents to reduce shoe odour, so they won’t stink out the house quite as much after you’ve been for a sweaty multi-day hike. They come in an amazing array of colours - from beetroot red to dusty olive.

The Siren Sport Q2 women’s shoes are perfect for hiking up a mountain in summer, but you could wear them sightseeing on a city break. They are strong, sturdy and comfortable, designed to keep you on the trail or pavement all day long. Try a pair of these and like us, you will really appreciate the thought that has gone into making them.

Merrell Siren Sport Q2 Gore-Tex Walking Shoes