Whether you’re travelling the world one country at a time or just heading out to the local hills for the weekend, one thing you need to make sure you get right is your backpack. Picking the wrong backpack can at best make for an uncomfortable trek and at worst mean you’ll be turning home a whole lot earlier than planned.

You need a reliable backpack, something lightweight, durable and able to adapt to different kinds of journeys. The Gregory Maven 58 is a hard option to beat for women who love to adventure (the men’s equivalent is known as the Paragon).

The Maven is an ultra lightweight and technical trekking pack that comes from a company renowned for providing durability, comfort and performance in the field, and who have produced a top-of-class range of adventure packs for some time.

At 1.62kg the 58 volume Maven is almost a kilogram lighter than some of its rivals."

In the Maven you get a backpack that outshines its rival; particularly when it comes to weight. At 1.62kg the 58 volume Maven is almost a kilogram lighter than some of its rivals, and a good third of a kilogram lighter than the others at the very top of the market.

The cutting edge Aerolon suspension system is where the Maven drops its weight. The system uses an incredibly light, flexible aluminium frame to support the user using state of the art geometry developed for the bag.

The system has an adjustable torso which lets you fine tune your fit, and combined with the adjustable harness and padded hip belt, you’re going to be walking comfortable.

A great bonus on the Maven is that the water bladder sleeve also doubles up as a daypack, which can be used for smaller hikes, little excursions or even just to carry your stuff around in when you’re in the city between adventures.


Another clever addition is the removable lid on the bag, which means that if you want you can remove not only the lid, but also the sleeping bag divider and attach it to the top of the pack for protection, making the pack shorter and lighter.

The fabric is good and sure to last, the rain cover is decent, the pockets are exactly where you want them to be - including zipping side pockets (essential for some) - and the weight is impressive. Gregory have produced a winner with the Maven.

Gregory Packs Maven 58 Backpack