The Abisko trekking tights are one of the most innovative new products for Spring / Summer 2017. Fjallraven have combined the comfort and ease of movement provided by leggings with the durability and technical features of proper trekking trousers effectively inventing a new category of clothing in the process.

The brand’s designers had noticed that increasing numbers of people were hiking in leggings. But they also realised that for all their benefits (the freedom of movement they offer, the comfortable fit etc.) leggings have some serious downsides as trekking trousers. There are no pockets for example, and the stretchy material they’re made of is often easy to rip. So Fjallraven set about designing something that would rectify these issues.

Firstly they looked at the fabric. Fjallraven are experts at building things tough (their G-1000 material is renowned for a reason) and these are no exception. Reinforced panels on the knees and bum strengthen them in the places where traditional tights traditionally rip. They also offer added waterproofing, so you can sit or kneel on wet grass without getting wet.

Fjallraven have combined the comfort provided by leggings with the durability of proper trekking trousers, effectively inventing a new category of clothing in the process."

Then they added pockets - a practical necessity on any pair of true trekking trousers. The pocket on the right hand leg is designed to be big enough to fit a map in, while the zip pocket on the left will accommodate a compass. There’s also a loop to attach a packed waterproof jacket or some climbing gear to, as you might normally with a belt loop.

Of course while these have a lot of the benefits of trekking trousers, they still feel like leggings and the four-way stretch material gives the same freedom of movement you’d expect. Having spent several afternoons scrambling up rocks in these in the French Pyrenees and the Malvern Hills, our testers were super impressed with the way the Abisko trekking tights felt and how comfortable they were.


They also pack down small (as you’d expect from a pair of tights) and will easily fit underneath a pair of conventional trekking trousers if it starts blowing a gale or raining hard. Overall, these are a really great and truly versatile piece of clothing, and one you’ll definitely want in your wardrobe this summer.

Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights