US outdoor brand Columbia has announced that it's begun the hunt for two new 'Directors of Toughness'. It's a hard, thankless job involving travelling round the world for free, while hammering senseless the brand's range of outdoor products, and reporting back.

And for the first time, the process is open to Europeans, with the position set to be 'based' in the UK. Sounds great eh, but before you can give up your job and embrace the world's best ongoing adventure holiday, there's just one snag...


And because we wouldn't want you to wander into something like that unprepared, here's a little idea on video of what awaits you if you get that far...

Hint: it'll probably be a good idea to have a proper outdoors background, lighting reflexes and a willingness to take on whatever's thrown at you, maybe literally.

Also Worth Knowing...

... is that the chosen candidates will - following in the gnarly footsteps of previous Directors of Toughness - 'serve as full-time beta testers, brand ambassadors and social media gurus' and live their lives to the brooding accompaniment of the #TestedTough hash-tag.

Not only that, 'Director of Toughness' really is genuine, official, salaried role within the company created for the first time last year, when inaugural Directors of Toughness, Lauren Steele and Zach Doleac spent six months travelling the globe.

Highlights included reaching the summit of Ecuadorian volcano Cayambe and visiting the Arctic coast of Manitoba. Check the linked videos if you need any more persuading that this is a great idea.

How To Apply

To apply, all you have to do is register to interview online at from Saturday 3rd October onwards. Short-listed candidates in the UK and Europe will then be invited to the Isle of Skye for the European 'Toughest Job Interview (To Get To)'. There will also be two US casting calls and one in Canada.

And if you need any more persuading, here are a few stills from last year's adventurers. See you on Skye...