More than a thousand people have applied to be considered for Columbia's dream Director of Toughness role, a full-time, fully-paid position that requires you to do heinous stuff like travelling around the world climbing mountains and trashing Columbia gear as you go.

'The Directors will put their gear and personal “toughness" to the test through exhilarating expeditions supported by Columbia’s range of innovative apparel, outerwear, footwear and equipment' - official job description

Sounds all right to us. But here's where the application gets difficult. There are just four tough interviews worldwide, with the UK and Europe one set to be held on the Isle of Skye with just 20 selected candidates.

What happens there we can only guess at - though this video might give you a clue - but get past that and you could be one of two fortunate winners who'll spend nine months based in Portland, Oregon and being paid $39,000...


Duties will include not only doing good stuff, but sharing experiences on social media, instagram, Snapchat and so on.  The ambassadors will spend approximately 75% of their time travelling 'throughout various locations in the globe'.

Not bad huh? Sadly we never got round to applying ourselves, but we're watching with interest to see if any Brits make the final cut.

You can find out more about the whole Directors of Toughness shebang at