Salomon Revo SCS GTX First




Weight: 1308 grammes (pair size


Features Textile

uppers using stitchless construction, sealmess technology

and feather construction, Gore-Tex waterproof liner, autofit

foam with 3D fit padding, mud guard rand, protective TPU

toe-cap, Contragrip outsole, Salomon Cushioning



Funky looks, funky construction, no leather usedin boot.


Lots of internal padding, lacing not very slick.

The Concept In the days before 2/3/4-season boots and special

footwear designed specifically for different path types, they just

made boots for walking and, for all its high-tech construction and

funky styling, the Revo SCS is really just that, a lightish allround

walking boot for use below the snowline.

The interesting bit, for gearheads anyway, is that like the

Salomon Softshell Shoe - try saying that fast - it uses seamless,

welded technology first seen in technical shell clothing to produce a

very distinctive-looking boot.


Features Salomon has gone a bit bonkers on the technical front

this season. The buzz words here are 'seamless welded

construction'. That means the boot is largely ultrasonically welded together

rather than stitched, though there are still stitched seams in

there. It's all very slick and distinctive looking. Check out, for

example, the way the lace anchoring points are welded onto the fabric


The other novel features are inside the boot - the Revo uses

distinctive 3D fit padding in the tongue section to improve fit -

'precise foam placement and stitchless construction increase comfort'

says Salomon. Also inside the boot is what Salomon calls 'Autofit

Foam', which is a memory-type foam places around the ankle which

adapts to the shape of your foot but returns to its original shape

once you take off the boot. Press your finger into it and you can

watch the foam slowly rebound afterwards like a memory foam



In Action The Revo feels nice and light in your hands and

gives an immediate, comfortable fit thanks largely to the generous

padding in the tongue and ankle sections. Although it is a

lightweight boot with a fair degree of forefoot flex - we're talking

classic low-level, two-season levels of bend here - the highish

padded ankle and distinct outward flare of the heel unit mean that

the boot still feels supportive and protective.

One thing we did notice is that the webbing lace loops mean that

the lacing system isn't particularly slick and we had to fiddle a bit

to get adequate tension on the roomy front section of the boot. So

far we've used the boot mainly for wandering around the Peak District

and it's coped well with a mix of gritstone rock and softer ground

offering decent grip, support and cushioning.

It probably won't suit walkers who prefer a stiffer boot on rocky

mountain terrain, but we found it very comfortable. That 'Autofit

Foam' stuff really does seem to work and gave a very secure feel

around the ankle which, in combination with the flared heel unit adds

up to a longitudinally flexible lightweight boot which still feels

secure and supportive.

The Gore-Tex liner makes for happy puddle wading and takes the

damp out of serial sludgery and the chunky Contragrip sole unit coped

happily with everything we threw at it.

Finally, there's the look which you'll either love or hate; it's

very techy and european with Salomon's signature orange much in

evidence. We liked the neatness of the welded / seamless construction

a lot, but hey, aesthetics are subjective, so make your own judgement

on the fashion front.

Initial Verdict

Funky and comfy the Revo maybe looks a little more mountainous

than it actually is, but we liked the combination of lightness,

support and flexibility for low level and general, undemanding hill

walking. We'd use it higher up as well, but if you prefer a stiffer

boot in mountain terrain, then you should look elsewhere.

We do have reservations about the amount of padding used in modern

walking boots. It can mean an instantly comfortable fit in the shop

which gets sloppy as the padding compresses, so size carefully. The

memory foam does seem to work though and our picky left ankle stayed

resolutely comfy.

Finally, as with all boots, it's crucial to find a brand that

suits your feet. The Salomons tested here have plenty of forefoot

volume coupled to a relatively snug fit in the ankle and heel


Note If you like the idea of the Revo but want a butcher version, check out the higher cut Revo GCS version at £125.