Rab has

revamped its entire sleeping

bag range for this spring 2010 - see

details - and as part of that revamp, it's

developed the Top Bag

concept in an interesting direction with two new bags

appearing as a result.

The original Top Bag was an ultralightweight down bag with a mesh base

and down-filled upper that was ideal for racers and lightweight kit

freaks. It was revised to include a slot for a mat and that was it. Its

other use was as a supplementary bag to increase the warmth of an

existing sleeping bag.

Neutrino SL

For spring 2010, it's sort of morphed into two distinct bags. The Neutrino SL is very

similar to the Old Top bag with 200g of fill housed in Pertex Quantum

trapezoidal baffles on the top and hood and just a Primaloft-filled

area under the lower legs. Like the old Top Bag it has a slot for a

mat. Unlike the old bag it has a zip.

Rab Neutrino SL

Weight is 680 grammes, just slightly less than a Neutrino 400, but more

of the down is on top of you, so it may actually be slightly warmer in



The other new bag is called the Module

and it's designed along the same lines but with just 100 grammes of the

same 800 fill power down housed in sewn-through baffles and with Pertex

Microlight inner and outer fabric instead of Quantum, the spec is

lower. There's no side-zip either, though again the lower leg area has

Primaloft insulation.

Rab Module Sleeping Bag

It's intended either as a really minimalist stand-alone bag for racers

and masochists or alternatively, as a liner bag so you could, for

example, upgrade a medium-weight sort of bag, for, say, a Himalayan

trekking trip. Weight is 500g, so almost 200 grammes less than the

Neutrino SL.

Full details at www.rab.uk.com