There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down after a long day of hiking to get some much needed food into your body and re-load on energy. If you’ve not got a camping stove that’s up to the task though, you might find yourself wanting.

That’s where the PocketRocket 2 from Mountain Safety Research (better known as MSR) comes into play. If the original MSR PocketRocket stove was the definitive ultra-lightweight, canister-top camping stove, then the follow up is a good indicator of exactly where the industry is going in the next few years.

It essentially takes everything good about the PocketRocket and makes it even lighter.

The original weighed 85 grams and was able to boil a litre of water in three and a half minutes. The MSR PocketRocket 2 boils water in the same time, but weighs even less, coming in at a mere 72 grams. So you get the same quick meal but carry even less weight because of it.

“If the original MSR PocketRocket stove was the definitive ultra-lightweight, canister-top camping stove this one is even better."

The red-plastic carry case from the original has turned from a triangle to rectangle, and is considerably smaller than its predecessor given the now more compact form of the PocketRocket itself. It’s apparently 20 per cent more compact than the original, which was hardly a hefty handful to start with. The case adds an extra 30 grams, but can of course be left at home by anyone particularly concerned about extra weight.

The pan supports are sturdy and reliable when folded out with good grip, an upgrade on the previous edition, but there's still no integrated electronic ignition so remember a lighter, matches or some fire steel to get the thing going.

Precision flame control means you won’t be burning your meal unless you get particularly absorbed in that sunset, while MSR’s WindClip windshield protects your cooking and boosts the efficiency of the stove when things get windy.


At £30 (minus the gas canister - we used a JetBoil one for our shoot but MSR make their own) the PocketRocket 2 is not going to break the bank but it performs brilliantly. A great option for any serious outdoor enthusiasts looking to get their Gordon Ramsay on outdoors.

MSR PocketRocket 2 Cooking Stove