Haglöfs Tight Evo Medium - Tested




Weight: 1100 grammes

Panel-loading 25-litre day-pack with Turtleshield technology

back system, tear-drop shaped front and side panels,

contoured shoulder straps, detachable elasticated waist

belt, sternum strap with integrated whistle in buckle,

outside pocket, detachable ice axe loops, hydration sleeve,

reflective printing. Combination of polyester and polyamide

fabrics with Ballistic fabric on base.


Nicely made, interesting and effective back system.


Tight hydration sleeve, hard to overload.

What's It For? The Tight range is Swedish brand Haglöfs'

classic daypack. Unlike traditional British packs, it's panel-loading

making it easy to access the contents without messing around with

floppy lids and multiple buckles.

The new Evo version has been designed specifically to cater for

the demands of ski tourers, mainly through the addition of locking

ski straps at the sides of the pack, but there's absolutely nothing

to stop you using this as a general day pack, as we did, or picking

and choosing from the rest of the extensive Tight


The Techy Bits The one feature at the heart of the Tigh Evo is

Haglöfs' unusual 'Turtle Shield' back system which uses an

anatomically-curved , 3D pressed frame sheet - see pic - to support

the load and fit it to your back.

With the Evo, that's echoed on the front of the pack where a

stiffened sheet with a cunning, multi-adjustable shock-corded

accessory attachement system allows easy, stable stowage of spare

clothing and equipment, against the rigid back.

If you're a skier, you'll also appreciate the easily adjustable

compression straps come ski slots with their neat lock-off feature

which should make ski carriage quick and secure - not much call for

those in the Peak in August, though they'll also take a set of poles

at a pinch.

How It Works There's something distinctly continental about

the Tight's design and look - the teardrop shape and panel-opening

are both distinctly un-British, though not in a bad way. Get over

thinking it's an urban crossover pack though and you'll discover the

Evo has a lot going for it.

The Turtle Shield back system, a curved plate that sits high on

your back and contours around your body feels odd at first - the pack

sits slightly higher than you're used to - and initially a little

more intrusive than, say, an Osprey Atmos with its stealth fit, but

optimise the tension and you soon appreciate it's combination of

support and stability and forget it's there.

OM's route editor, Dave Mycroft has been using a Haglöfs

climbing pack with the same system for a couple of years now and

swears by it. Body movement is unrestricted yet there's no swinging

or bouncing about and the elasticated waist strap is more for

security than support. The combination of well designed shoulder

straps and the Turtle Shield gubbins do the job pretty well on their


It's simply a very good carry. It's also beautifully made and

detailed, with a lot of neat features, in particular the ingenious

shock-corded accessory patch which can be used in any number of ways

to accommodate different items thanks to a mix of hooks, tensioners

and buckles. Nice.

We also like the panel-opening design which allows easy access to

the contents. It's worth bearing in mind though that the two plates -

there's one on the back of the pack to support accessories - make a

rigid sandwich construction meaning there's not much scope to

overload the body of the pack -once it's full, it's full and there

ain't nothing else going in there...

We were also quite disappointed with the hydration sleeve. It's a

tight fit for a two-litre bladder and the curve of the Turtle Shield

plate makes it a struggle to fit a full one in there at the start of

the day. We'd like a more generous sleeve please. The bladder , when

full, also obstructs the top pocket bag.

We'd also have liked some external stretch mesh side-pockets for

stashing bottles and other small items.


The Tight Evo stands out from other Tight packs in its use of

the effective Turtle Shield back system, which makes it great for

active use where mobility and support are at a premium, scrambling

and climbing as well as skiing, we like it a lot.

We were also impressed with the normal high Haglöfs build

quality and loved the easy access of the panel-opening, erm, opening.

We did have a couple of quibbles, notably the tight - sorry -

hydration system pocket and despite the excellent accessory patch

gubbins, the lack of easy stash external mesh pockets. There is an

external pocket on the back of the sac, but it's best suited to

flatter items.

Overall though, the Tight is a neat, well-made pack that's a great

carry. It takes a little getting used to if you're accustomed to a

traditional, top-opening UK day sac with a floppy foam back and we

wouldn't suggest it to habitual overloaders, but it's a definite

contender. If you're not sure about the back system, go for one of

the other Tights, or try before buying. We think it's one of the

Evo's main strengths though.