Haglofs Solid Lite


Weight: 1600

grammes (pair 43)

Features: Lightweight

trekking boot with upper in full leather or nubuck, midsole with EVA

and PU cushioning, Vibram Four Season sole unit, one piece leather

forefoot, rubber toe bumper, locking lacing hooks, PP-iinsole, triple

seams with Kevlar threads on stress points. Gore-Tex waterproof liner.

What's It


What, Haglofs makes footwear too? Yep, you'd better believe it and

you'll be seeing more of it from early next year, but Haglofs boots and

shoes are already out there and the Solid Lite boot is the first

example we've got our paws on. We haven't had a chance to use it yet in

anger, but we thought you'd appreciate a quick look and some pics.

Solid Lite nubuck version

It's a lightweight trekking boot designed for rough terrain full stop.

Oh, and it's available in both conventional leather and nubuck. The

nubuck version - above - looks nicer in our opinion anyway.

The Techy


There's a fair bit going on with the Solid Lite boot - the

upper may look traditional enough, but the mid-sole unit combines

lightweight running shoe-style EVA with harder wearing PU for a

combination of cushioning and durability - take a look at the heel area

and you can see both materials.

Solid Lite heel unit

Then there's the upper with a forefoot that's one-piece

leather to minimise the amount of stitching. And where there is

stitching, the crucial stress points are triple-stitched with Kevlar

threads for maximum strength and durability.

Solid Lite lace hooks

Finally the laces use locking hooks making it possible to

differentially lace the forefoot and ankle areas of the boot for

maximum support and comfort - you can, for example, lace the front of

the boot snugly, but leave the top loose for greater ankle comfort

without destroying forefoot precision and stability.

How They


The interesting thing about the Solid Lite boots is that they

combine a traditional leather upper with the sort of lighter, more

cushioned sole unit you'd normally find on lighter boots. The promise

is a soft ride combined with uppers that aren't going to shred the

first time you hammer down a scree slope.

It's an interesting concept and first impressions are that it

could be an ideal compromise for those who want a high-topped, more

protective upper but without a clumpy experience underfoot. Fit feels

great for British feet. There's plenty of forefoot room, but with a

narrower heel than you get with, say, a Scarpa last. And the locking

lacing system makes optimising the fit easier. Soft ankle cuff keeps

things comfy up there, but the boot's not over-padded so feels more

traditional than some of the latest soft foam offerings out there.

Solid Lite Vibram outsole

The sole unit is, as we said, nicely cushioned with a soft

feel on hard ground and has enough lateral stiffness for good

stability, but enough bend length-ways for comfortable all-day walking.

We're not sure how the close-lugged out-sole will deal with mud, but

we'll let you know. Haglofs says the compound was specially developed

to cope with slippery, wet, mossy, Scandinavian rocks, so should suit

the UK all year round...



We're feeling positive about the Solid Lites - they're not

that light, but not that heavy either and the cushioned ride and tough

uppers are an interesting combination and look like a good choice for

anyone looking for a combination of underfoot comfort and more

traditional durability. And as you'd expect from Haglofs, they have a

real quality feel to them, albeit at a price.

Where things should get really interesting is early 2009 when

all Haglofs footwear will come complete with SOLE

adaptive insoles with no significant price hike.

We have some of those on the way and we'll let you know how they



Lots of underfoot

cushioning, tough-feeling uppers, build quality, UK foot compatible.


Not as light as some and

quite pricey albeit on a par with other top boot brands.