Grangers 2 in 1 Tested



Volume: 300ml
Features: All in

once cleaner and proofer that is also claimed to eliminate

odour.grangers 2in1

What's It For?

Grangers 2 In 1 is a one step cleaning and proofing treatment

that's also claimed to minimise odour. It's primarily used to restore

the factory water repellant treatment - DWR - mainly on waterproof

and softshell clothing.

The DWR prevents the outside of the garment from getting saturated

with water and reducing breathability. When that happens,

condensation can make you wet inside your clothing even though it's

still waterproof.

The big departure with 2 in 1 is that you no longer need to use

first a cleaner and then a wash-in proofer. One bottle does both,

saving on time and wash cycles.

The Techy Bits

Grangers says that its DWR treatments are the closes you can get

to the fluorochemicals used by fabric and clothing manufacturers. The

cleaning element is provided by pure soap based detergent, the

proofer is a polymer, which needs heat to activate it. How it works

precisely as an all in one treatment, we don't know. It's also

claimed to eliminate odour, presumably using the same technology as

Grangers other odour eliminator products to kill microbes.

The 2 in 1 is suitable for three-ply shell clothing that can be

tumble-dried, says Grangers. For two-ply clothing, with a drop liner,

you'll need to use both a technical washing product and a spray-on


How It Performs

To get an idea of how the 2 in 1 works, we took a very tired

Montane Superfly with no discernible beading effect and a TNF Prolix

Delta softshell that also soaked up water like a sponge.

First we cleaned out the detergent tray and ran a hot wash cycle

through the washing machine to eliminate traces of conventional

washing powder which could compromise the performance of the proofer,

then we ran a normal wash cycle with three capfulls of the


Once the wash cycle had finished, we removed the jackets from the

machine and allowed them to try, reassuringly there was no nasty

chemical smell from the treatment.

Grangers say you should use a tumble drier at a low setting for an

hour, but we dislike tumblers because they abrade fabrics - remember

that fluff? - and if the thermostat is faulty, can damage garments

and trim through overheating.


Superfly above - beading nicely

Instead we ironed both jackets very thoroughly and slowly

following the care label instructions. If you do this, don't iron

reflective trim and flashes as it'll stop it working. Before ironing

and after washing the garments still didn't bead, but heating the

fluoropolymer allows it to coat the fibres of the garment stopping it

from absorbing water.

After heat -treating the performance of both garments was

transformed, in fact water ran off the surface as if they were new

and straight out of the shop with instant beading. We were really

impressed, especially as the eVENT Superfly has had a hard life and

was barely beading before treating.


TNF softshell, also working well so far.

We can't tell you much about the durability of the DWR yet or the

odour reduction, but we'll thrash the garments for a while and report

back in a few weeks time. So far though, so good.

Initial Verdict

So far. so good. The 2 in 1 is really straightforward to use,

saves the energy of a wash cycle and gives brilliant initial results

after the application of heat. It's also slightly cheaper than using separate cleaner and proofer. So far so good, we'll report back on

the durability of the treatment in a few weeks time and add some

marks for performance and value.


So far simple and effective, fuss-free treatment.


Nothing so far.