Earlier this year, we took the Coleman FyreStorm PCS (personal cooking system) on a wild camping adventure to Snowdonia. The trip was an emotional rollercoaster, veering dramatically from nervous meltdowns near the summit of Glyder Fach to zen-like moments of peace in a bivvy bag. One of the rocks we could cling to during our four days in the Welsh wilderness was this excellent all-in-one cooking set-up.

The FyreStorm PCS provides backpackers, trekkers, and camping enthusiasts with a product that combines the stove, cooking pot, sleeve and lid into one tidy package. Throw into the mix the fact that the FyreStorm PCS has storage room for your gas cartridge and you’re looking at a wonderfully compact and convenient little outdoor kitchen.

"...you’re looking at a wonderfully compact and convenient little outdoor kitchen."

With the innovative Coleman Wind Block system and HyperFlame down-step burner, this stove will admirably perform its duties even when the wind has really gone up a notch - something we discovered for ourselves when cooking up breakfast in the shadow of Glyder Fawr on a breezy Welsh morning.

Coleman say that when the wind is up, the FyreStorm PCS can boil a litre of water in 6 minutes 35 seconds. This drops down to 4 minutes and 30 seconds in calm conditions. It’s also worth pointing out that there’s the option of turning the flame down to simmer if you need to steadily cook food.

Look at that set up. Doesn't that look like a nice set up? Photo: Chris Johnson.
...and lightweight. Photo: Chris Johnson.

The Piezo ignition delivers easy-to-use match-free lighting, while the low burner height combined with a long braided steel hose allows the cartridge and body of the stove to be positioned independently. This, in turn, minimises the possibility of clumsy spillages.

Quick shoutout to the clip-on lid, which adds reassuring security when boiling water, and the insulating neoprene sleeve with handle. They’re the cherries on the cake, and represent a considered approach to outdoor gear design that we always appreciate.

Coleman FyreStorm PCS