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Best Portable Fire Pits 2024 | Lightweight Fire Pits for Outdoor Barbecues and Campsite Grilling

We've cooked up a list of the best fire pits for evenings around the campfire, garden barbecues and al-fresco cooking over open fires

No camping trip is truly complete until you’ve spent a long evening chilling with your friends around the campfire. Good banter, cold beers and sizzling steaks (or roasting marshmallows) under a starry sky – it’s a magical experience. Fancy it? Then you need a portable fire pit.

A fire pit is an open, lidless container in which a fire can be lit using wood or charcoal. Or, to put it another way, a fire pit is a no-nonsense version of a barbecue, with an extra touch of rugged, outdoorsy appeal. You can cook over a fire pit, or you can simply light it for the warmth.

Fire pits are commonly raised above the ground on legs, meaning you won’t leave any nasty burn marks on the grass or ground below your fire. This is essential on both campsites and out in the wild, where any form of fire that damages the land is often prohibited.

“Cooking over an open fire not only adds flavour to the food, it brings you closer to nature.”

But why would you carry a fire pit rather a traditional, lightweight camping stove? Well, partly it’s all about the atmosphere of a real fire – it just feels more intrepid and authentically adventurous. There’s the smell of the smoke, the crackle of the twigs, the red glow of the embers – an all-round  bushcraft-y, back-to-basics vibe. But it’s also about the quality of the cooking.

Outdoor cook Harrison Ward, who shares pictures of his ludicrously delicious looking outdoor meals on his Instagram account @fellfoodie tells us: “Cooking over fire feels like a homage to our ancient ancestors. Not only does it add flavour to the food, it brings you closer to nature.”

But what things should you look out for when buying a fire pit? Weight, packed size and portability are obviously important factors to consider, particularly if you’re planning to carry it up a mountain. To avoid any unsightly scorching of grass and vegetation, you’ll want tall legs (for good clearance off the ground) and an integrated base plate or ash pan. And for an efficient burn and good flames, strategically placed vents and holes are really important.

But don’t worry too much about all of the different options and orientations: we’ve done the hard work for you with our list of the top 10 portable fire pits for 2023, whether you’re just chilling in the garden, off camping with friends or taking on a solo backpacking adventure.

Fire Pits on Test

We’ve scoured the market for the best portable fire pits out there, with a wide variety in terms of price, features and styles. Here are our favourites:

  • Primus Kamoto – Best Fire Pit
  • Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox LF – Most Portable Fire Pit
  • Outwell Cazal Fire Pit – Best Value Fire Pit
  • Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace Small
  • BioLite Firepit
  • Hoefats Beer Box
  • Fireside Outdoor Pop-up Pit
  • Solo Stove Ranger
  • Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio
  • Crua Firepit


BEST BUY: Primus Kamoto OpenFire Pit

Price: £155
Weight: 6.3kg
Best for: Campsites, car camping
Key attributes: Integrated ashtray, windshields, air inlet for improved combustion

This fire pit from Swedish brand Primus does it all. It packs flat for convenient storage and travel, yet swings into action when unfolded for use. There’s an integrated ashtray at the base, protecting the ground from heat or embers, and a removable grill grate for open-flame cooking. The frame is stable and robust, while the stainless steel windshields and air inlet tray ensure efficient combustion of wood or charcoal. It’s available in two sizes and can be partnered with the Primus Open Fire Pan – gourmet outdoors cooking has never been so easy.

Full Specifications

Easy to set-up / collapsible and portable / burns wood or charcoal / integrated ashtray / powder-coated steel and stainless steel materials / windshields and air inlet tray / grill grate / secure storage strap included / dimensions: 53x39x6cm.

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Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox LF

Price: £52
Weight: 470g
Best for: Wild camping, backpacking
Key attributes: Ultralight, compact, minimalist

The Bushbox LF (which stands for large, foldable) is an extremely portable, lightweight, and efficient stove designed for off-grid, minimalist adventures where weight is priority number one. It weighs only 470g – easily the lightest on test – and is very well-priced. Made in Germany from high-quality stainless steel with custom-engineered hinges, the stove is usually used with twigs and wood, but is also compatible with a Trangia stove. For cooking a universal grate (£7) is sold separately and only adds 50g of weight. If the Bushbox LF is too small for you, it’s also available in an XL version.


Made from stainless steel / ultralight / wall thickness 1mm / includes versatile pair of trivets / custom-engineered hinges / compatible with wood, Esbit and Trangia / foldable / dimensions (folded): 14x10x1 cm / dimensions (unfolded) : 14x10x10cm

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Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace Small

Price: £99
Weight: 1.8kg
Best for: Wild camping, backpacking
Key attributes: Low weight, portability, versatility

Japanese outdoors brand Snow Peak have designed a highly compact, lightweight and portable fire pit with superb versatility. It can be paired with a variety of cooking and grilling accessories (all sold separately), including a base plate (£21), base plate stand (£32), coal bed (£28) and grill bridge (£37), enabling you to pick and choose your own design. The Pack & Carry Fireplace is made from durable 1.5mm chrome-coated steel, it folds away flat into a nylon carry case, and there are integrated holes to aid burning. It’s also available in medium and large versions.

Full Specifications

Durable, long-lasting structure / 1.5 mm thick chrome coated steel / air holes / compact storage / burns wood or charcoal / Nylon carry case / dimensions: 28x13x20cm.

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BioLite FirePit

Price: £239.99
Weight: 9kg
Best for: Campsites, group camping and home or garden use
Key attributes: Efficient flames, airflow technology, Bluetooth integration, long burn time

Like a 21st century reinvention of the campfire, the innovative BioLite FirePit has a contemporary look and a ton of high-tech gadgetry, including 51 air jets (which inject the fire with oxygen for improved combustion and a more uniform temperature), a see-through “X-ray mesh” body that enables 360-degree viewing of the fire, and an integrated 10,400 mAh powerpack that can power the jets for 24 hours. You can even use a Bluetooth app to control the size of your flames. The BioLite FirePit’s adjustable fuel rack burns either firewood or charcoal. It has a large capacity for up to four standard-sized logs, over which you can cook on the hibachi-style grill grate. Flames are hyper-efficient with less smoke than a normal fire and the legs fold away for increased portability.

Full Specifications

Patented air flow technology / x-ray mesh for 360-degree views / 10,400 mAh powerpack / Bluetooth app/ burns wood or charcoal / burntimes: 24hr on low, 10hr on medium, 5hr on high / rain cover / grill grate / foldaway legs / dimensions: 27″ x 13″ x 16″.

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Hoefats Beer Box

Price: £89.95
Weight: 7kg
Best for: Social adventures, group trips, campsites
Key attributes: Multi-functional, cool design, versatility

Cold beers and an open fire – a perfect combo. And that’s exactly what you get with the Hoefats Beer Box, an ingenious product with amazing versatility. It’s a beverage crate, fire basket, grill and stool all in one, with a contemporary design that’s ideal for sociable adventures with friends. The Beer Box initially holds 24 beer bottles sized 330ml, held securely in a cardboard grid. Once the Budweisers have been passed around (or you’re chilling them in a nearby river), you can light the cardboard grid as kindling and get the campfire going. The basket has sufficient space for regular-sized logs, and cooking over the flames is simple via a stainless steel grilling grate with handles (£26.95, sold separately). An optional wooden board (£26.95) can be used as a serving tray, or transform the Beer Box into a seat – whichever you fancy. Either way, the Beer Box is both robust and mobile, thanks to the use of high-quality Corten steel. You also get an integrated bottle opener, and multiple crates can be stacked seamlessly for raising the fire off the ground.

Full Specifications

Beverage crate, fire basket, grill and stool in one / high-quality Corten steel / integrated bottle opener / cardboard carton grid holds 24 bottles and also acts as firelighter kindling / cooking grill with handles / stackable / dimensions: 38x28x28 cm.

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Fireside Outside Pop-up Pit

Price: £89
Weight: 3.5kg
Best for: Campsite, backyard barbecuing, social adventures
Key attributes: Clever design, high clearance off ground, clever heat shield, large burn area

This thoughtfully-designed fire pit folds up and down a little like a pop-up gazebo. Packed away it fits into a compact, over-the-shoulder carrybag (about the size of a collapsible camping chair); but folded out it expands to provide a large, 61cm by 61cm square burn area. Your fuel sits atop a stainless steel fire mesh, with a woven screen that promises 99% ash containment and aluminium ember guards that safely contain the fire. The fire mesh also encourages airflow for improved combustion and flames, and a reduction in smoke by 80% according to Fireside Outdoors. Sitting below the fire mesh is a heat shield £18.50), constructed from aluminium fibre glass, to prevent grass underneath your fire pit burning. The collapsible frame is made from anodised aluminium and stainless steel, and the overall design is stable and sturdy with a low centre of gravity. Various grill grates are sold separately.


One-minute set-up time / 24” x 24” burn area / Nylon carrybag / fire mesh / ember guards / collapsible frame / heat shield / made from 304 stainless steel and aircraft aluminium / lifetime guarantee / dimensions (opened): 24″x24″x15″.

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Solo Stove Ranger

Price: £200
Weight: 6.8kg
Best for: Campsite, garden use
Key attributes: Low smoke, premium build, top-quality air flow, good combustion

Promising a “roaring, smokeless fire in minutes”, the Solo Stove Ranger is a premium-standard fire pit with a slick design. The so-called 360-degree Airflow Design – a clever combination of holes and vents – ensures efficient burning with minimal smoke. It’s all rather scientific, but we trust Solo Stove’s boffins when they say “air movement fuels the fire at its base while also providing a boost of preheated air through the vent holes at the top of the burn chamber”.  To use the Ranger, simply add chunk wood into the pit and light. Inside the fire pit, there’s an integrated ash pan, precision base plate and on top is a fire ring to keep the flames centred and even. The overall build is durable and contemporary, and designed predominantly to sit around and enjoy, rather than for cooking – although marshmallows, hot dogs and other fire pit-friendly foods are still on the menu.


Portable / durable / low smoke / 360-degree Airflow Design / airflow holes at base and top / integrated ash pan / precision base plate / burns chunk wood / made from 304 stainless steel / lifetime guarantee / dimensions: 15” x 13”.

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Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio

Price: £136
Weight: 2kg
Best for: Wild camping, backpacking, ultralight adventures
Key attributes: Low weight, affordable price, premium materials, adjustable heights

This bundle is the complete campfire cooking collection from the awesomely-named Canadian brand Wolf & Grizzly. It consists of the Fire Safe (a stainless steel fire pit), WG Grill (a foldable grill with adjustable height settings), and a Fire Set ferrocerium rod for sparking your fire into life. The fire pit itself is made of two pieces that slide together easily for quick assembly. A corrugated insert allows airflow for efficient burning and the frame doubles as a built-in windshield. The grill, meanwhile, has three versatile height options (8”, 6” and flat), depending on your cooking needs, and has a foldable frame and rollable grill surface for ultra-compact storage. Despite the low weight, the grill is sturdy enough to support 13kg, so a pot of boiling water or cast iron pan is no problem. The entire kit, in fact, weighs in at just 2kg, making this one of the lightest and most minimalist options for wild camping and backpacking trips.


Includes firepit, grill and ferrocerium rod / minimalist design / stainless steel / foldable and rollable grill / built-in windshield / airflow / dimensions: 29x28cm grill

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Crua Firepit

Price: £188
Weight: 18kg
Best for: Backyard cooking, gardens, campsites
Key attributes: Large size, reassuringly heavy and durable, great for sitting around

Equally suitable in the garden as it is on a campsite, the Crua Firepit has a sleek, eye-catching design that develops a rustic patina over time (a bronzing caused by oxidation). It’s big enough to get a roaring fire going that’ll keep you mesmerised and warm for hours, and there’s an in-built grill plate if you want to burn up (erm, we mean cook) some sausages. The fire pit is made from a tough and durable steel, but it completely flat-packs for superb portability – the best of both worlds.


Made from solid steel / tough, durable and portable / flat packs for superb portability / large size / burns wood logs / minimises impact on environment / grill plate included / develops patina over time.

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Outwell Cazal Fire Pit

Price: £49.99
Weight: 3kg
Best for: Campsites, home use, garden use
Key attributes: Great price, sturdy legs, poker and mesh lid included

Simple and well-executed at an affordable price, the Outwell Cazal Fire Pit is an excellent option for campsite trips or cooking in your garden. The bowl-shaped design has a removable, mesh-like lid and sturdy legs with good clearance off the ground. It all looks pretty smart, creating the cosiness of an open fire in an effective way. There’s an integrated cooking grate, a poker tool for operating the hot lid, and the legs fold up so no complicated assembly is required. But best of all is the price – a bona fide bargain at less than £50.

Full Specifications

Made from steel, iron and chrome-plated iron / fold-away / includes cooking grate, poker tool and mesh-like lid / small pack size / burns wood or charcoal / circular shape / dimensions: 45×38 cm.

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