If you’re out hiking regularly you’ll know that there are situations where a full-blown walking boot can seem a bit like overkill. Unless you’re on properly rough terrain, you don’t always need the extra ankle support a boot offers, and in summer especially having a little bit less material can be a real blessing in terms of comfort and allowing your feet to breathe. This is where a pair of all-terrain shoes like the Berghaus Expeditor Active AQs come in.

These are multi-purpose outdoor shoes, designed for walking, scrambling or even trail running at a push. More supportive than your average road-running trainer, they nonetheless allow a bit more freedom of movement than a conventional hiking boot. And as Berghaus themselves say, they look good enough to wear to the pub after you’ve finished.

“The shoe is incredibly durable, being able to take anything a long summer hike or trail run can throw at it."

The model shot here is the women’s version (although there’s a men’s equivalent too) and is designed particularly with women’s requirements in mind. The OrthoLite footbed inside the shoe will ensure you stay not only comfortable, but also fully supported while you’re on your feet. The low profile design helps keep the weight down.

Just because it’s not chunky however, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a flimsy piece of kit. Made from tough, British WR100 Pittards suede, the shoe is incredibly durable, being able to take anything a long summer hike or trail run can throw at it.


It’s as waterproof as many of Berghaus’ hiking boots, thanks to the the AQ waterproof lining inside. Your footing will also be assured, thanks to the Opti-Stud hiking grip on the bottom of the Expeditor Active AQ. It’s designed to minimise weight, while maximising grip.

Berghaus tweaked and perfected the Expeditor Active AQ shoe with in excess of 1,000 hours of use on trails, and in the course of our wearing these we found they performed consistently well. Basically, if you’re looking for a versatile, lightweight, tough pair of shoes, that can go anywhere you do, then these are an excellent option.

Berghaus Expeditor Active AQ Shoe