Arc’teryx are among the best in the business when it comes to delivering world-class outdoor gear. Founded in 1989, this Canadian brand has been serving up its high quality goods for almost thirty years now. The company’s Norvan VT shoe, a performance trail running shoe with superb climbing and scrambling attributes, suggests their record of consistency won’t be letting up anytime soon.

Available in classic black, explosively bright orange, or sky blue; the Norvan VT really does look great. However, it’s not just in the aesthetics category that this thing is scoring top marks. Everywhere you look on this shoe, and every listed feature of it you dig down into, reveals another element of it worth shouting about from the nearest mountain summit.

Take the Fixed Adaptive Fit Technology, for example. This innovative feature not only wraps the foot for enhanced levels of comfort, it also seals out debris and keeps your foot shielded from external elements. Another great feature is the custom Vibram sole that combines a sticky ‘Idrogrip’ forefoot for enhanced traction on slickrock and wet trails, with a ‘Megagrip’ compound for that all-important durability.

“This wonderfully innovative shoe is quality on top of quality with a side order of quality."

One of the niftiest things about this shoe, and something that really highlights its versatility, is the ‘Adjustable 360 degree Support System’. This feature allows the wearer to instantly switch between scrambling mode and running mode with just a single pull of the lace, meaning that no matter where you take these they should be able to adapt to their surroundings.

It’s a really nifty feature - saving you the need to buy two pairs of specialist shoes. We found that these work well in both climb and running mode, and having two pairs of shoes for the price of one will save space and weight in your pack.


Shoutouts must also go to the durable EVA/Polyolefin blend midsole and the longwearing ‘4mm OrthoLite 3D’ molded insert. Why exactly? Well, let us tell you. The EVA/Polyolefin blend provides excellent shock absorption and propulsion, giving you the feeling that yout feet are both well cushioned and properly bouncy at the same time. The  OrthoLite 3D insert is great because it cradles your foot like it’s a newborn baby (and who doesn’t want that?). Among the team members who tried these out it was universally agreed that they were among the most comfortable shoes in the Outdoor 100.

That iconic Arc’teryx logo is associated with quality, and this wonderfully innovative shoe is quality on top of quality with a side order of quality. Of course, the logo also famously comes with a hefty price tag attached, but these shoes are so multi-functional we reckon they’re more than worth it. Whatever your ability, and preferred level of terrain difficulty, we think you’ll love what this item of footwear has to offer.

Arc'teryx Norvan VT Trail-Running Shoe