If you’re planning on heading somewhere seriously wild this summer, then you’re going to want a jacket that can handle just about anything - in which case Arc’teryx have the jacket you’ve been looking for.

Arc’Teryx have been producing world-class outdoor gear since they started almost 30 years ago, and have a reputation for making some of the best jackets out there, especially at the upper end of the market. The Alpha FL jacket, designed for mountain runners and alpinists who want to climb fast and light, is a case in point.

Being built for top-end athletes means it needs to be durable enough to withstand the rigours of the mountains, but also be lightweight enough not to slow you down when you’ve got it on. The FL in it’s name even stands for Fast and Light, and this jacket has the chops to back that up.

“It’s designed for mountain runners and alpinists who want to climb fast and light."

The shell is made from ultralight, durable Gore-Tex, using N40p-X fabric. This makes the Alpha FL waterproof, and hardwearing. It’s also specially designed to optimise breathability, ensuring you don’t get too hot and clammy while out, and in turn, reducing fatigue.

Every single element in the Alpha FL has been considered and designed to help you maximise the amount of time you can spend outdoors. The Ergonomic 3-Dimensional design allows a full range of motion, letting your body move where it needs to while you’re on the mountain.

As you’d expect from a jacket designed for climbing, the length of the Alpha FL is harness compatible and the waistline has been specially designed to fit well with one. It’s large chest pocket with laminated zip fastening also allows you access when wearing a harness or backpack - handy for those items you need in a hurry. An internal chest pocket also lets you keep valuable items close by.


The hood is helmet compatible. Featuring the Arc’Teryx Stormhood system, the laminated brim and adjusters can tightly secure it to your head even with a helmet on, all without restricting either movement or visibility.

When you want to dump some heat and remove the Alpha FL, at just 315 grams, it’s so light you will hardly notice it in your backpack. It packs down into a small, compact roll, that’s easily stowed, or clipped onto your webbing.

There’s more tech in this than your average hill-walker or hiker would ever need, and the price reflects that. But if you’re serious about climbing, you won’t get a much better jacket than the Arc’Teryx Alpha FL.

Arc'teryx Alpha FL Jacket