Getting the right kind of backpack for your specific style of adventure is one of the most important things for anyone serious about spending time in the outdoors.

For shorter hikes, you need a pack that’s going to let you get on with it - something that’s as light as possible that doesn’t waste a single gram of weight on any redundant features.

The Zerum 48 from Vaude was custom made for one or two day trips. It’s one of the lightest backpacks on the market right now at less than 1.2kg overall, and it’s one of the best designed as well. It’s amazing how many features Vaude have managed to fit into this backpack without sacrificing size or weight.

“It’s amazing how many features Vaude have managed to fit into this backpack without sacrificing size or weight."

A large part of the bag’s light weight is down to the material Vaude have used for the bulk of it - a rip-stop siliconized fabric. They’ve reinforced this with extra strong material on the bottom and the sides, where packs typically see quicker wear.

The lid of the pack is extremely adjustable. You can increase or decrease the height depending on what you need from it and there are pockets on for quick access while travelling. If you’re really focusing on keeping the weight down you can get rid of the lid altogether, which brings the total down to under 1.1kg. It can even be used separately as an impressive lumbar pack.

Large mesh pockets on the bag allow easy-access storage for water bottles, raincoats and the like. These can be accessed pretty easily without even un-shouldering the pack, and you can attach trekking poles and other gear with the strong cord on the bag.


The adjustable suspension system lets you adjust the length of the back panel so you can set it up comfortably whatever size or shape you are. The material of the pack meets the high sustainability standards required for BlueSign certification, and the whole thing comes with Vaude’s own Green Shape guarantee, meaning it’s been produced according to their own internally-imposed environmental standards.

If you’re looking for a good all-round outdoor backpack, and you’re not planning on venturing more than a couple of days from a re-supply point, this is one of the best options out there.

Vaude Zerum 48 Backpack