The Suunto Spartan Ultra is the flagship smartwatch in Suunto's lineup - designed as a jack (and master of) of all trades capable of meeting your performance needs no matter what your sport or focus.

Suunto are renowned for their heritage and innovation. The company was founded in 1926 after Finnish orienteer Tuomas Vohlonen invented the first mass production method for a liquid-filled compass, and they’ve channelled all their long years of expertise into the Spartan Ultra.

Right out the box the Suunto is programmed to track 80 different sports, and with a battery capable of lasting up to 26 hours in training mode you’ll have had plenty of warning if you do go battery-dead when you’re out in the wild.

"What’s under the hood is every bit as slick as the product itself..."

Aesthetically the Suunto is a slick product as well. The colour touchscreen delivers easy-digestible stats in every condition. Rain or shine you can see it no problem thanks to the 320 x 300 resolution screen and LED backlight, which is impressively practical without draining battery life.

The watch won’t look out of place whether you’re in a bar or the great outdoors. Hell, it wouldn’t look out of place in Minority Report (or your pick of equivalent sci-fi film if you’re not a fan of Mr. Cruise). This is a good looking product. It’s simple but stylish.

The new User Interface is a lot easier to use than the old Suunto watch navigation. There are a lot fewer menus to navigate and most modes can be reached with just a few swipes of the screen once you know what you’re doing. This can be made especially simple by pairing the watch with the app and customising the menus to suit your needs - a process we found super simple when we tested it with our iPhone 7.

Suunto Spartan Ultra Smartwatch
Suunto Spartan Ultra Smartwatch
Suunto Spartan Ultra Smartwatch

When it comes to the accuracy of the data itself, the Spartan Ultra boasts a built-in barometer which means that your altitude, rate of ascent and descent statistics are not only confirmed by the GPS but also by the barometer. This makes them even more precise, and the navigation off the beaten track is certainly impressive.

The Ultra is water resistant to 100m/300ft and like all Suunto builds, you won’t have to worry about the thing struggling with adverse conditions - after all, it’s built to survive in Finnish winter.

All in all, the Spartan Ultra is a good-looking product with even better technology inside. What’s under the hood is every bit as slick as the look of the product itself, and when you get a Suunto, you know you’re getting a product which can go the distance

Suunto Spartan Ultra Smartwatch