Rab are known for their heritage and tradition; for producing high-functioning outdoor gear that can keep up with whatever you put it through no matter what the conditions. But what keeps a brand on top isn’t their past, but their innovations.

This new jacket, the Rab Alpha Flash, has a unique design. What they’ve basically done is take the original Polartec Alpha Direct insulated jacket and then stripped off both the outer shell layer and any inner lining fabrics also.

The result is a mid layer that looks incredibly simple, but that performs exactly how you need a mid layer to.

“With the Alpha Flash jacket, Rab look to bring the traditional mid-layer into the modern age"

On colder days, it’s cut perfectly so that it will fit easily underneath a number of other layers, providing an excellent base insulation that will keep your core cosy and at just the right temperature.

Then on milder days, or when you’re out in winter for some trail running, speed hiking or mountain biking, it’s something that can be worn simply over a baselayer; providing active insulation that regulates air flow to prevent sweating.

If you do sweat, the Polartec Alpha fibres will wick that moisture right away. This is one of the best things about Polartec Alpha; you can really count on it lifting moisture off your skin and then drying quickly – and ultimately keeping you moving for longer. After all, it’s a fabric that was primarily designed for the U.S. military.

Rab Alpha Flash Jacket
Rab Alpha Flash Jacket
Rab Alpha Flash Jacket

We should also mention that this jacket uses a great ‘ingredient’ called Polygiene. This is a long-lasting fabric treatment that reduces odour-causing bacteria’s presence by more than 99%. It does this with the help of silver salt; a highly effective, naturally-occurring, antimicrobial agent. All-in-all it means you can wear this more (without smelling), and wash it less.

This is the kind of garment of clothing you buy one day, end up wearing constantly, and then wonder how you ever got by without it in your life. Your friends and family will probably end up asking if you even own anything else.

Rab Alpha Flash Jacket