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Primus SIP Power Gas | Review

Primus’s new bio-based camping gas aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels when it comes to outdoor cooking

Why We Chose It: Sustainable, innovative

SIP (Sustainable Improvement Programme) Power Gas is Primus’s initiative to develop more sustainable outdoor fuels for hikers, campers, climbers and other outdoor adventurers. Because it may or may not have struck you that the stuff in your camping gas canister is ultimately a non-renewable fossil fuel. And while you might think that surely that one little canister can’t do much harm, when you consider how many of those little canisters are actually used in the great outdoors, it starts to look like a much bigger and more serious problem.

What Is Primus SIP Power Gas Best Suited To?

It’s basically designed to replace existing Primus Power Gas, offering the same performance in most outdoor cooking scenarios but with a reduced environmental cost.

OM editor Will using the Primus SIP Power Gas on the Cumbria Way. Photos: Joe Whitmore

We’re not saying you should chuck away all your existing camping gas cartridges and switch over immediately, but next time you need to pick up a new canister, consider buying SIP Power Gas instead of standard Power Gas. It’s easy to spot – unlike the familiar red Primus canisters, this one has a circular green flash around the top of the cartridge.

Eco Credentials

These canisters aren’t fully filled with biogas, but, through the principle of mass balancing, every molecule of SIP Power Gas that Primus sells ensures that the same amount of biogas gets produced from food waste and animal manure. That gas then gets used in local industries within proximity of the source.

It would be great, of course, if these canisters were 100% biogas but unfortunately Primus say that there currently isn’t the infrastructure in place from the biogas industry for the brand to fully fill them with renewables. 

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So ultimately, although Primus aren’t getting the gas themselves, they’re encouraging the use of renewable gas in another product and also supporting the biogas industry, helping to grow it so that it can be a realistic prospect for them as a renewable product in the future. 

OM tester Becky Angell trying out the SIP with Primus's Lite+ stove.

In terms of performance, it’s designed to offer the same or similar performance as the familiar red Primus Power Gas. There’s more though. In addition to purchasing bio-based gas through mass balance in order to significantly reduce their climate impact, Primus can also reduce overall carbon emissions of the product. That’s because they can limit transportation distances by sourcing in Europe, closer to key markets like the UK. And this doesn’t just include the gas itself. It also includes the steel used to manufacture the canisters, the method of fuel production and the filling of the canisters on the production line.

“Through the principle of mass balance, every molecule of SIP Power Gas ensures the same amount of biogas made from food waste is produced.”

SIP Power Gas is also EKOenergy-labelled. EKOenergy is a global, non-profit and independent mark of quality, supported by environmental NGOs. To achieve this labelling a product must fulfil strict sustainability criteria. In turn, the label also finances renewable energy projects in developing countries. In this way, buying EKOenergy-labelled products allows consumers to contribute to the fight against energy poverty and climate change.

Construction and Performance

SIP Power Gas canisters are the same universal design as standard Primus Power Gas canisters, with a Lindal valve thread that should fit all common camping and backpacking stoves. So, as well as being compatible with Primus products, you’ll be able to use them with most JetBoil, MSR, Optimus and SOTO stoves, amongst various others. They also come in the same common sizes as existing gas cartridges, with 230g and 450g versions both available.

Primus is hoping the project will help to grow the biogas industry. Photo: Joe Whitmore

In terms of performance, SIP Power Gas is a propane/butane mix. This differs slightly to standard red Power Gas, which is a propane/isobutane mix. There’s not much difference between the two, as isobutane has an identical molecular structure to butane. However, it is slightly more efficient when used as a cooking fuel in lower temperatures, so gas canisters containing isobutane rather than butane are generally considered to offer slightly superior performance in colder weather. However, most campers won’t notice a significant difference, and the environmental benefits of SIP Power Gas over other gas canisters on the market means this is a small but worthwhile sacrifice.


Primus have stated that their ultimate goal is to phase out fossil fuels altogether in the world of outdoor cooking. As such, SIP Power Gas is a major step forward, and will be a cornerstone product in the future Primus product range. After all, it’s the only consumable product they make, but also a core product, since it powers many of their camping stoves and lanterns.

The brand has said that other steps on their sustainability journey will be to produce the most fuel-efficient stoves on the market, to carefully consider the choice of materials they use in future and aim to build stoves to be life-long companions (or in other words, achieve sustainability through longevity). In conjunction with offsetting the carbon emissions for all Primus fuel, it’s an ambitious and important programme that looks to a greener future.

“BRILLIANT progress in using this waste and side-effect of decomposition (even if you have biodegradable textiles – the off gas is a greenhouse gas problem). We have all followed a McDonalds truck with how they use their waste cooking oil for bio-diesel: same principle here. Shipping items around the world by sea isn’t too damaging for the environment (at least compared to air transportation), but local product is always a better choice.”

Primus SIP Power Gas (230g)

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