When you’re on a multi-day trek, the last thing you want to take with you is a pair of lampposts. Heavy poles are cumbersome and awkward to use, and can feel like an unnecessary burden when you’re carrying them round on your back for days on end. Fortunately, a set of Leki Albula Lite V poles come in at a very usable and lightweight 520g. No lampposts here.

The use of aluminium for the pole’s telescopic shaft may put off those who prefer a super lightweight carbon pole, but we think that’s a shame. Why? Well, because aluminium isn’t that much heavier than carbon and it’s actually superior at taking the knocks which will inevitably occur when you’re crossing long distances in the wilderness.

“...the Trigger S Vertical system is basically a very different take on the traditional walking pole wrist strap."

Moving on from the aluminium/carbon discussion, we reckon the main headline act with this product has to be the Trigger S Vertical system. Ideal for coming down steep and challenging terrain, the Trigger S Vertical system is basically a very different take on the traditional walking pole wrist strap.

Looking more like a glove than a wrist strap, this clever little thing can be easily be removed from the grip and reattached with minimal fuss. The feature has been designed in such a way that if you were to fall suddenly and enough force was put through the pole, you’ll be released from it – reducing the risk of injury. Perhaps for obvious reasons, skiers might find this aspect of the Albula Lite V especially useful.


Before rounding off this review, we want to draw your attention to the Speedlock 2.0. This involves two mini levers that make the poles very easy to adjust and, what’s more, it delivers a reassuring hold from first minute to last (even over long long days). It’s a solid feature on a solid, extremely likeable, walking pole.

Leki Albula Lite V Walking Pole