About a year ago we published an article about OMer Morph

and his superlight 170-gramme tarp. Well, since then the fella's been

hard at work and - this will have ultra-lightweighters salivating -

his latest development is the Angel Wing tarp weighing an

astonishing 25 grammes in prototype form.


Yes, you read that right, 25 - two five - grammes. How's it

possible? It's down to a combination of super lightweight Cuben Fibre

films and a proven bonding process, oh, and a distinctly minimalist


The Angel Wing is intended for use with a fully waterproof bivi

and simply offers upper body / head protection from wind and rain.

Right now it's in prototype form and being tested along with some new

1mm Dyneema guys featuring some special coating.


Yes, it's a pretty extreme lightweight shelter, but in the past,

we've seen innovative designs filter over towards the mainstream with

the result that modern clothing and shelters are getting ligther and

lighter to everyone's benefit.

More when we have it, but you can find Morph's ultra-lightweight

tarps and other kit at www.teamio.co.uk