“Any colour so long as it’s black," said car manufacturer Henry T. Ford, in 1909.

Over 100 years later, it would seem that Haglöfs have taken a leaf out of Ford’s book with the Grym Keprotec trekking boot. The only colour it’s available in? You guessed it: “True Black."

This product is made from a unique cocktail of materials; resulting in a hardy boot that’s comfortable, quick drying, and easy to take care of.

One aspect of this boot that perfectly illustrates just how tough it is, is the extremely protective Schoeller Keprotec upper made with Kevlar. If you know anything about bulletproof vests, you’ll no doubt already be aware of the role Kevlar plays there. And, let’s face it, when a feature on a boot brings to mind gear designed to stop bullets you know you’re looking at a seriously durable bit of a kit. The sheer toughness of this thing is underlined further by the presence of the Vibram Four Season outsole.

“...when a feature on a boot brings to mind gear designed to stop bullets you know you’re looking at a seriously tough bit of a kit."

The RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology, which has been implemented in the tongue of the left boot, will be a welcome feature for anyone heading into high-level or alpine territory in these boots. It gives off a directional signal that will help search and rescue teams to locate you should you ever get lost on your outdoor adventures.

A nuclear bunker for your feet, albeit far less heavy thanks to the complete lack of concrete present, the Grym Keprotec utilises Gore-Tex Performance Comfort in its build. We like that this feature delivers durable waterproofing, without sacrificing breathability, and adds to the impression that this boot has been designed to shield your feet from the world around it.


The rubber rand increases the protective quality of the boot, while the EVA midsole with PU heel wedge brings all important stability and comfort to the party. Credit must also go to the designers for including memory foam around the ankles, as this optimises comfort and heel grip in a really nice way.

If you’ve got a multi-day trek in the mountains planned and want something reassuringly defensive on your feet, the Haglöfs Grym Keprotec has all of your bases covered and then some. This is a properly class boot, and one that we can’t recommend enough.

Haglöfs Grym Keprotec Trekking Boot