It's an awful job, but someone's got to do it... Yep, Columbia's newly appointed Directors of Toughness including a bona fide Brit, have been hard at 'work' testing various bits of Columbia clothing and equipment amidst the stunning scenery of Iceland - look at that pic - and, erm, Manchester...

The latter, apparently was all about dropping in to see Old Trafford, home of Columbia partner Manchester United were the pair met ex-player Denis Irwin who - it says here - 'shared the information on the next leg of the trip - a short trip North to iceland'.

And Iceland, let's be honest looks a whole lot more interesting than Salford. No offence, Salfordians. Highlight included a game of pick me up football with the locals in Reykjavik with the losers condemned to a swim in the infamously cold Glacial Lagoon.

Serious ice action on Europe's largest ice mass the Vatnajökull glacier

Then there was a visit to Vatnajökull (the Vatna Glacier) where, Mark and Faith strapped on crampons before marching across and into the largest mass of ice in Europe. Check the images below.

Finally the pair had an audience with Gróður fyrir fólk í Landnámi Ingólfs (GFF), an organization dedicated to rebuilding Iceland's forest land - destroyed in part due to the original settlement of the country.

Don't take our word for it, here's the first episode of a monthly video round-up of the latest Directors of Toughness missions. Scroll down for more astonishing images.

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