With their pleasing aesthetics, excellent eye-shielding tech and various other innovative features we reckon you’ll love taking the Julbo Shield out on summer (or indeed winter) days in the mountains.

Whatever type of terrain you’re tackling, and however you’re tackling it, the Shield glasses cleverly open up the field of vision; minimising the risk of the user 'coming a cropper' on nature’s endless obstacles and consequently improving their potential to move about the trails quickly.

They'll feel comfortable on your head all-day-long thanks to the combined effect of their airflow ventilation through the frame and the flexible, shock-absorbing insert on the bridge which minimises rubbing on the nose when you’re running or mountain biking. Plus, like a pair of well-struck David Beckham free kicks either side of face, their nicely curved, grippy arms will hold securely.

Julbo Shield Sunglasses

But it's those little side shields we love most about this pair of sunglasses. Soft to the touch and easy to remove when they're not needed, they basically transform the Julbo Shield from a normal-looking pair of sunglasses into a kind-of modern take on those glacier glasses that mountaineers used to wear in the old days. 

Julbo Shield Sunglasses

Price: £119

More info: julbo.com

They come with a range of lens options to choose from when you make your purchase. The Spectron polycarbonate lenses, for example, are lightweight and provide good levels of shock and scratch resistance, or alternatively, you could go with the REACTIV Photochromic lenses that get darker or lighter in response to changing light conditions. If, like us, you do your outdoor business somewhere with particularly unpredictable weather patterns (hello, literally everyone in the UK), those REACTIV ones are absolutely ideal.

Shield by name. Shielding by nature. We’re big fans of these 21st century glacier glasses.

Tester's Verdict

Jack Clayton - Associate Editor at Mpora

I've been taking these out on trail runs recently and I've been impressed by how secure on the face they felt. The Shield’s curved arms really do help to keep them fixed nicely in place, and it's good that there's that cord attachment for the option of extra security when it's needed.