Wine is nice, isn’t it? Who out there honestly doesn’t love a glass of wine? Tasty, delicious, wine. A friend for the good times and the bad, a friend for all of life’s ups and downs, a friend that’s always got your back; here’s to wine (nectar of the gods).

But loving wine, as great as that can be, isn’t without its challenges in certain situations. Take this scenario here, for example. You’re going wild camping. Just you, and your partner. You’re going to trek for six whole hours, into the middle of nowhere, put up your tent and cook yourself a stove dinner while the sun sets behind the hills.

If you’re doing this trip in summer, you’ll no doubt be wanting a chilled white wine to go with your meal. Alternatively, if you’re doing it in winter you’ll probably be wanting a hot, mulled, wine to warm you up from the inside out. Either way, you’ll be wanting your wine at its most suitable temperature. You’ll be wanting, if our guess is correct, this Hydro Flask Wine Bundle.

The Wine Bundle is made up of a Hydro Flask Wine Bottle and two Hydro Flask Wine Tumblers. It comes with a lifetime warranty, is BPA and Phthalate-Free – those nasty chemicals in plastics that can move into food or drink – and it has a durable 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel construction that doesn’t retain or transfer flavours.

That temperature control is all down to the TempShield vacuum insulation. Used in all of Hydro Flask's products, it's the kind of stuff that you could stick an ice cube inside in the morning and you'll still have ice by the afternoon. 

Hydro Flask Wine Bundle

Price: £80

Weight: 1276g

More info:

The bottle has a ‘Pure Pour’ opening that makes it easier to fill and pour without drips, an insulated and leak-proof cap, and a silicone base to help keep it gripped on slippery services.

The tumblers, meanwhile, have a refined shape that’s comfortable to hold, enough capacity for two standard pours, and a press-in insulated lid to boot. 

Is this the ultimate way to transport fermented grape juice? Believe it, sailor.