In the last Outdoors Magic 100 we introduced a collection of spray and wash-ins from Grangers that are able to restore the protection levels to your waterproof jackets. This time, we’re focussing on the brand's new solutions for baselayers, down jackets and footwear.

Grangers Activewear Care Kit

In this three-item care kit, you get a 750ml bottle of Active Wash and a 100ml Odour Eliminator Spray, plus a lightweight bag that you can bundle your kit into before sticking it all in the washer. 

The Active Wash is for your baselayer t-shirts, leggings or thermals and will do the job no matter what type of fabric they’re made from (it’ll work across the board, even with Merino). What you've got here is a washing solution designed to do what most standard supermarket washes don’t, as it's able to completely clean out fabric rather than just mask odours with a flowery smell. It’s even formulated to reduce drying times and improve sweat wicking properties as well. All you need to do is drop a capful of it in with each wash (two caps if your machine is top loading).

Also in the care kit is the Odour Eliminator. Suitable for your shoes or accessories like gloves or a helmet, you just give your items a few sprays and then leave them to dry. The result is a pleasantly fresh smell, but not an overpowering or obvious one. 

Grangers Care Kits

"It’s even formulated to reduce drying times and improve sweat wicking properties"

Like the Active Wash, this spray will work on any type of fabric, and it’s Bluesign approved, meaning that it’s all been checked to make sure it contains no chemicals that could potentially be harmful to the environment.

Grangers Down Care Kit

Stick a down jacket on any old wash setting and with any old detergent and you’ll be very unhappy with what comes out. Normally, it’ll just cause the down to all clump together and lose its loft, and no one wants that.

This Down Care Kit offers a safe solution for dirty down jackets or sleeping bags, being specially formulated to give a proper cleaning without removing any of the shell fabric's water repellent coating. Better yet, it will even reinforce it with its own eco-friendly PFC-free DWR to improve the overall wet weather performance.

To use it you simply add a capful of the solution into the draw of your washing machine, two if you’re washing a sleeping bag, and then stick it on a full cycle. After that you move your down products into a tumble dryer with the three spikey balls that come with the Down Care Kit. These will get rid of any down clumping and will bring back all the loftiness.

With these two brand new care kit releases, it’s probably safe to say that Grangers now have a product to protect and enhance every single thing you wear out on the trail, making your kit last longer, and all in an environmentally-friendly way.

Grangers Down Care Kit

Tester's Verdict

Will Renwick - Outdoors Magic Editor

These are all really useful items for anyone who leads an active and outdoors lifestyle. My particular favourite is the shoe spray which is a quick and easy solution to a common problem that everyone will encounter. It ultimately means you don’t need to keep buying new soles or even a brand new pair every six months.

Grangers Activewear