Most duffels tend to be water-resistant but not that many can be classed as being totally waterproof. This one, the Ortlieb Duffel Bag 60L, has a IP67 waterproof rating meaning that it can be fully submerged to a depth of 1 metre and 39 inches for as long as 30 minutes. We tested this out and can certainly vouch for its waterproofness. Do the zip up properly and you’re sorted.

The zipper is something of a work of art. Made by a company called TIZIP, it involves a plastic coil zipper that compresses and seals two lips of fabric to form a fully waterproof seal. While it makes the zip slightly stiffer than a standard zip it still glides open or closed easily enough.

The fabric used for the Ortlieb Duffle is a ripstop polyester with a PVC coating. It’s waterproof and also ultra tough – I can’t find the denier rating anywhere but I’d say it would be well over 1000. You could chuck this off a 40-metre cliff onto jagged rocks and it will be fine (photographic evidence of cliff chucking below).

Ortlieb Duffle 60L Review

The removable shoulder straps have plenty of padding and they’re easy to adjust, so the duffel makes for a fairly comfortable backpack. The alternative way to carry it is like a briefcase and to do this requires Velcro-ing the two shoulder straps together to form a handle.

It has a slightly different build in comparison to other duffels, being pencil case-shaped (if that makes sense) rather than completely cylindrical. The zip comes to a point at either end, meaning that the whole length of the bag can be opened up if necessary. There's also a hook on each end of the zip and this can be latched down to the side of the bag –  it can also be used for hanging the duffel up.

Ortlieb Duffle 60L Review
Ortlieb Duffle 60L Review

All but the smaller 40 Litre version of the Ortlieb Duffle have a cinch strap for volume adjustment located on the inside of the bag. It’s a useful addition that means you can cram a load in and not have to sit on top of the bag to get the zip shut.

Other features worth mentioning include an external zipped mesh pocket, daisy chain loops for lashing the duffel to the roof a car and little metal bars that the zip pulls can be locked to to secure the bag’s contents.

This is a really useful durable, transportable and fully waterproof duffel that I’ll definitely be taking on my next kayaking trip.

Ortlieb Duffle Bag 60L

Full Specifications

Available in 40, 60, 85 and 110L capacities / 60L: 29cm x 11.4cm in height; 58cm x 22.9cm in wifth / Tear resistant PD260 fabric / Waterproof TIZIP zip / Outer mesh pocket / Two-way zip with locking points / Padded removable shoulder straps / Daisychains / Two hooks and latch points / Interior volume minimiser / IP67 waterproof / 2x interior small pockets.