Sure, we like hearing about all the big releases from well-known brands, but what we really like is when we get emails about something quirky and innovative from start-ups – those people that put together their own product following the realisation that such a thing didn't already exist. Guys like Neil and Adrian who contacted me about their new company called Fickaskåp and the waterproof phone and valuables wallet they've created.

We've seen waterproof wallets and phone cases before, but none that combine the two in such a simple and functional way. The idea is pretty basic: a flexible ripstop and waterproof case with an internal divider – one for the phone and one for your keys, cards and change – and then a zip-lock style closure that's backed up by a Velcro-sealed fold. 

It's 100 per cent waterproof and dustproof so long as you make sure that it's all sealed up properly, and you can happily swipe away at your phone screen through the see-through plastic at the front. 

It comes in two sizes: regular, which fits phones up to 147x80mm and large, which fits phones up to 167x90mm.

Testing out the regular size on a bothy-hunting trip to Mid Wales I found there was more than enough space inside it for my Samsung Galaxy S7 (which is about the same size as a standard iPhone) plus my bank card and house key. Waterproof testing with tech is always a worrying thing to do but I'm pleased to say my phone got safely through its river dunking. I was a little worried about my house key scratching the back of my phone but the wallet's divider was certainly strong enough to prevent that. All-in-all the wallet did its job well.

You could say £23.48 (regular size) is a touch expensive, but then perhaps it's not so bad if you consider the fact that the wallet could expand the lifespan of your phone by a potentially considerable amount. 

If Fickaskåp ever update this I'd like to see a little eyelet or clip added onto it so that it can be worn around the neck or off the shoulder straps on your pack. That would make it really useful when using something like Viewranger mapping – something you ideally need quick and regular access to.

At the moment, you'll only find this available to order directly off the Fickaskåp website.