Whether you’re travelling to South America for some jungle trekking, or simply staying at home to explore the wild places we have here, on any summertime adventure there are certain items that are essential for a safe time.

And it’s not simply about making sure you’ve got the most technical waterproof jacket or smartwatch available, it’s about making sure you’ve got the basic stuff that you can rely upon and that will cover you for every eventuality.

Your one stop shop for that kind of equipment is Lifesystems, a UK brand that can in fact lay claim to making the first ever travel-specific first aid kit back in 1989. Today, they’re the people to go to for anything from first aid kits, suncream and bug spray to head torches, shelters, emergency blankets and every other adventure essential in-between.

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Five Adventure Essentials This Summer

Lifesystems Sports Sun Cream 100ml 

Lifesystems competition

Lifesystems Sports Sun Cream SPF 50+

Lifesystems don’t just make any old sun cream, they make sun cream designed specifically for adventurers.

Take for instance, their Sports Sun Cream Factor 50.

When you’re high up on your way to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with the African sun beaming down on you, unlike normal sun creams which can lose their effectiveness with perspiration, you can count on this solution to keep on protecting you.

Lifesystems Fire Starter Range

Lifesystems Fire Starter

Relying simply on standard matches to help you light a fire at camp or to spark up your camp stove can be a gamble when you’re in damp conditions.

If they aren’t specially made or properly protected they can easily become too moist to use. Similarly, a standard plastic lighter isn’t 100 per cent reliable and won’t last long before it runs out.What you can depend on is a good spark tool.

Able to function in all weather, this option from Lifesystems is able to create high temperature sparks of 2,980ºC, and it’ll last for approximately 4,000 strikes.

Lifesystems Geonet Mosquito Net

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Lifesystems Geonet Mosquito Net

Here’s an item that’s ideal for adventures in warmer climates where you don’t need a waterproof tent but need something to keep the bugs at bay.

The Expedition GeoNet Single pairs a stable freestanding dome construction with high-performance netting to create a bug-free haven in which you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

It can be set up or taken down in minutes to protect you from mosquitoes, ticks and midges behind a super fine, black mesh fabric that boasts 1001 holes per square inch.

Lifesystems Adventurer First Aid Kit

Lifesystems Adventurer First Aid Kit

The Adventurer is a well-equipped first aid kit that will give you the basics to deal with most common injuries.

It has a clever QuickFind System to ensure that the 29 essentials inside are organised and packed to minimise overall volume.

It measures just 50 x 130 x 80mm and with a total weight of just 330g you don\t have to worry about it being a burden to carry either.

Lifesystems Water Purification Tablets

Lifesystems competition

Lifesystems Water Purification Tablets

Enough to treat 30 litres of water, these Chlorine Dioxide tablets by Lifesystems will kill bacteria, viruses and cysts in any water.

Simply put one tablet in a litre of water and gently swirl it around.

After around 10 minutes, the water will be safe to drink and unlike other chemical treatments, Chlorine Dioxide doesn’t leave any noticeable aftertaste.

Each pack weighs just 40g and contains 30 tablets. 


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