The Land Rover Explore phone goes on sale today, and it’s fair to say that we’re excited.

Land Rover Explore Phone Vital Statistics

Price: £599

Available: Now

From: The Land Rover Explore website, Cotswolds Outdoor, Snow + Rock stores, and Sporthaus Schuster in Germany

Operating System: Android

Since we got a first look at the Land Rover phone just ahead of its official launch at the ISPO outdoor trade show in January this year (where it won a prestigious ISPO award), we’ve been looking forward to getting our hands on it and really giving it a good go in the field.

Now, of course, there are a tonne of mobile phones on the market today that can do anything from replicate NASA space command to emulate the games that came preloaded on the first mobile you ever owned, so what makes the new Land Rover Explore phone so good?

Having already spent some quality time with one, we can tell you first hand why the Land Rover mobile is worth taking a closer look at. First and foremost, it’s a phone that’s built for the outdoors. Being a Land Rover phone you know it’s going to be rugged and reliable - just like the vehicles that are accustomed to driving up the side of mountains and through hostile terrain.

First and foremost, it’s a phone that’s built for the outdoors

The concept behind the phone is simple. It’s designed to keep you outdoors, exploring further, pushing yourself for longer, and all while giving you top-rate connectivity, battery life, and, of course, durability.

Land Rover Explore Features

Land Rover really want to make a true outdoors phone that’s going to work as hard as you do, and for just as long. To do that they’ve packed some pretty impressive tech into this sleek package.


The Land Rover Explore phone has been tested to withstand drops of almost two metres (180cm, to be specific) onto just about any surface, being tested on concrete and steel. iPhone users know all too well the anxiety of their oh-so fragile mobile dropping out of their pocket onto even the most cushioned surface, but the Land Rover explore phone can withstand drops from above the head of most of the people you’ve ever met, and just carry on regardless. Brilliant.

The five inch HD screen is protected by factory-fitted screen protector so the days of those lightning-effect cracks on your touch screen are gone. It can survive a dunking in water, including salt water, and can cope happily with extreme temperatures, thermal shock, humidity, and vibration exposure, which is good news for, well, just about everybody, really. If you’re doing something that’s beyond those already rigorous conditions, you should probably stop.

Battery Life

Traditionally, whether it’s a mobile phone, or an action camera, the cold can kill your battery pretty swiftly. But as we’ve already seen, the Land Rover Explore phone is resistant to extreme cold so it’s running time remains relatively unaffected by the cold. We tested one out in the Garmisch ski resort in Germany, even tossing it in the snow, and while the battery in our regular mobiles plummeted, the Land Rover phone battery kept on keeping on.

In fact, Land Rover say that the battery in the Explorer gives users two full days of regular use, or a full day while constantly using the inbuilt GPS. After all, digital location services are only as good as the battery that’s powering them.

The Explore comes with a free Adventure Pack included. This is a pack that attaches to the back of the phone magnetically. Just one of the functions of this is immediately doubling the battery life of the phone.

Location Services

The Land Rover Explore phone comes preloaded with the Viewranger app that we’ve been big fans of ever since it launched. Using the Adventure Pack attachment, the Explore’s GPS signal is boosted massively so you can use the phone’s camera for the Viewranger Skyline feature. This created augmented reality pinpoints around you, listing information like the names and heights of nearby peaks.

Even without the Adventure Pack attached, the standard GPS in the Land Rover Explore is still significantly better than that found in most mobiles on the market today. Similarly if you choose not to use the Viewranger app, the dashboard of the Explore is customisable, and includes a dashboard app that shows you your essential info like location, weather, altitude etc all in one place.

Being magnetically attachable, should you drop your Explore with the Adventure Pack attached, it simply breaks away, dispersing the kinetic energy of the fall, as opposed to transferring it to the weakest point of the phone - a brilliantly simple but effective touch.

Of course, bearing that Land Rover name, the Explore phone isn’t just a tough cookie. It also looks really nice as well. It has a modern, clean look, with a few subtle nods to the company that inspired its construction. You’d happily show the Land Rover Explore phone off chasing a few pints in the pub after hitting the peaks earlier that day.

The Land Rover Explore phone is available now, at £599, including the free Adventure Pack, from the Land Rover Explore website, Cotswold OutdoorSnow + Rock stores, and from Sporthaus Schuster in Germany.