You ever won a competition before? Ever known that sweet thrill of victory? Ever dared to dream, and been pleasantly surprised when that dream wasn't crushed by reality? Winning competitions doesn't happen for everyone of course but, such is the nature of competitions, it does happen for some people.

These people below took part in Komoot's Pioneer Contest, and have won an adventure to the Scottish Highlands for their efforts. They earned this rad prize by sharing their expertise with other Komoot users, and uploading inspiring 'Highlights' to the app for other like-minded individuals to enjoy. Let's meet the gang. 


"I grew up on a farm in Cheshire and always had a MTB to go off on adventures with my friends, but it wasn’t until I moved to London for work that I bought a vintage steel Raleigh road bike for £100 of gumtree to cycle to work and avoid the extortionate cost of a London travel card. One Sunday my Dad convinced me to cycle to Brighton with him, and after getting up Ditchling beacon on the South Downs on my very heavy Raleigh bike with seriously limited gears he told me it was time I upgraded and the obsession for cycling grew from there!"

"Now as a contractor working across Europe, I’m constantly in different places and countries so I make the most of it by exploring each destination on two wheels and getting a good workout at the same time!"

"Despite having a degree in Geography, my navigational skills are somewhat lacking and I rely heavily on using Komoot to plan my cycling routes. As I’m predominantly on a road bike; it’s important to avoid busy roads, MTB paths and even more important to ensure there are good coffee & cake stops (for refuelling of course!) and that there is a worthwhile view at the top of that climb!"

"Having a pre-planned route uploaded to my Garmin has allowed me to independently explore and discover the places I travel to like a local!"


Based just outside of Edinburgh, Neil got into cycling a few years ago when he decided to start commuting by bike. Since then he’s partly left the tarmac and has joined the Albannach cycle club, racing cross and embarking on some mega days on the bike, some of which have involved dramatic weather and more than a fair share of mechanical failings. Whatever, he keeps going back for more. When Neil first started exploring Edinburgh by bike he was using other peoples Highlights as a way to get inspiration when plotting his routes, now he’s the one creating the Highlights and inspiring others.


A crazy cat lady based in Bristol who is prone to long bike rides. Having just completed the Mille Cymru 3 a 1020km addax through, up, down and around Wales. You will often find her with a fully loading backpacking set up, with strong tan lines heading off into the hills for the weekend with her bivvy. A three time pioneer badge holder with her Highlights including advice on 24 hour snack stops, campsites and where you can get a great post-ride beer.


"I’ve always been an avid cyclist, growing up in the 80s BMXing, 90s MTBing and more recently as an adult racking up 1000s of miles on Road and Gravel bikes. I co-founded a newly launched UK bike brand VeloVelo, building hand made adventurous all-road bikes here in the UK. I’ve been a big fan of Komoot since getting into bikepacking and organising multi-day adventures on two wheels, it's my companion for adventure on and off the bike."

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