You're normally asking for trouble if you decide to wear a pair of jeans for hiking or climbing. Even light rain can cause denim to soak through, feel uncomfortable, and then take ages to dry. 

This isn't the case with Boulder Denim Jeans though.

This new brand on the block from Canada claim they've created a pair that are water resistant enough to wear instead of your technical walking trousers or climbing pants. This they say, is achieved through the application of a hydrophobic treatment called Nanosphere – the same stuff that's used on waterproof jackets to stop the outer fabric from wetting out. As well as water resistance, the added benefit that this treatment has is that it prevents stains and odour build-up, so you'll only need to wash them occasionally.

Problem number two with denim: it doesn't have much stretch to it. Boulder Denim's solution: a special weave – top secret they say – that allows dynamic movement without the need for any bulky gusset at the crotch. 

Other features of the jeans include deep hand pockets, a hidden zipped pocket for valuables, and reinforced stitches at the usual weak points found on climbing trousers. Made in Canada, they're cut in three styles, including women's, men's skinny and men's athletic. 

The company has launched as one of those Kickstarter things so you can't order their jeans directly, instead you'll need to make a pledge to help the brand reach its fundraising target. That said, by the looks of their Kickstarter page they've already smashed their target, so you can probably expect direct order to be available at some point in the near future. 

If you want a pair of outdoor jeans and you want them right away, we recommend taking a look at Páramo's Montero Technical Jeans which we featured on our site not so long ago.