Every year the Outdoors Magic team heads to the beautiful city of Friedrichshafen in Germany then gets a taxi to an industrial estate about 15 minutes outside it. Why? For the OutDoor Show, that's why. It's where all of the most exciting gear releases for the following Spring/Summer are revealed to the world and where a lot of bratwurst is consumed. 

As usual, at this year's show there were plenty of brands that had some great innovation to show off. 'Fast & light' was one of the definite themes with lots of new lightweight packs and trail shoes on display. Sustainability has been a catchword at the show for a number of years now and this time it seemed to be a big, big focus as well – for just about every brand there. I heard stories of new ways of waterproofing, of ethical sourcing and use of recycled and recyclable fabrics. 

I must have been shown over 100 products this time, but only a certain amount of them really stood out, and these are all presented to you below. We've picked out five items that we considered the best of the best; products we think will prove particularly popular once they're on the market, and that are genuinely different. Scroll through each gallery to see the best of the rest as well. 

Best outdoor gear 2019

For more 'gear of the future' check out our round up of the highlights from ISPO Munich which is essentially the winter equivalent of the OutDoor show.