Here's a new portable water filtration system that does exactly what it says on the, er, brightly coloured, pump-enhanced bottle: it saves your life. Just fill from source (or through the attachable scavenger hose), then pump a couple of times to make even the ickiest water drinkable.

Lifesaver Liberty Portable Water Filtration System – Why Do I Need It?

Quite often, us humans call things a lifesaver even when they're not. Those spring-shaped hairbands that don't tangle: lifesavers. Last-minute dog sitters for your unruly but loveable mutt: lifesavers. People who'll meticulously boil river water for you, being careful to filter it through peat to kill as much bacteria as possible before you drink it: OK, they are actually lifesavers, but while this bottle won't tie back your hair or take care of Rex for the weekend, it will let you filter fluids without your own personal Ray Mears genie in your backpack.

Basically, if you're drinking dodgy water to keep pack weight down on a trek or just don't fancy Googling whether tap water is good to drink on your next holiday, this has your back. The bottle will hold 400ml of water, and no electricity or chemicals are required to make the magic happen. Not half bad if you ask us.

Lifesaver Liberty Portable Water Filtration System – Should I Buy It? 

Now you might have already seen smaller and perhaps more straightforward to use filters out on the market, like the MSR Trailshot for instance. The thing is that these, by and large, can only protect you from things like bacteria, protozoa and particulates, and can’t guarantee defence against viruses. This option from Lifesaver blocks out all of the above and more.

It even removes bad tastes, chlorine and odours from water using an activated carbon disk, making the dirtiest-looking puddles tolerable enough to drink from.

Each filter system – replaceable for £49.99 when finished with – will give you 2,000 litres of clean drinking water.

Lifesaver Liberty Portable Water Filtration System – And Another Thing...

You might have heard the reports in the news recently highlighting the prevalence of microplastics in nearly all of the water that we drink – it's reckoned that even 93 per cent of bottled water contains particles. So with this in mind, it’s also worth us mentioning that this is capable of completely filtering these from your drink also.

You can purchase the Lifesaver Liberty portable water filtration system for £124.99 at